Getting back outside

Thanks to a good dose of rain, our air has begun to clear up. I was able to get outside for two short walks this weekend and have begun to dream of digging in the garden. I have been inspired by blog posts and a new to me gardening show. Many years ago, we dug and dug and claimed a garden space. Then there were a few years when gardening didn’t happen and so the space needs to be reclaimed. My goal is to get things cleaned up so I can return to gardening next spring.

After some contemplation, I ordered this planner/notebook. I saw a post somewhere that said buying a 2021 planner is a sign of hope. This one has monthly calendars and then undated pages. I don’t really need the page per day that most planners provide. I think I have a plan for this notebook but won’t write about it just yet. I am enjoying Katie’s Monday posts and the fun peek into the journaling/planner life of the commenters.

Now that the skies have cleared up, I need to get back to meal planning and blogging and routines. Happy Monday. Hope this week brings outside time for you – perhaps with the need for a sweater and wool socks!

Considering hope

I mentioned that I had a text conversation with a quilting friend about swapping blocks. We have decided to swap house blocks and I am finding this the perfect theme. We will each choose our own house block pattern (there are 8 of us). We talked a bit about setting size and color restrictions but in the end, we have decided to make blocks that we like and know that we can make them fit by adding strips of fabric or setting blocks. I tried out a simple pattern someone shared but I am rubbish at precise, 1/4” seams so I need something that I can trim to size. Playing around this morning I came up with this idea. Each of these blocks is a slightly different size and I do want to aim for a standard width. Then I can play around with the height. I might add windows – or maybe not. I kind of like the simplicity and the way the fabric is the feature. Do you see the words on the block in the upper right? I knew the word life was on the fabric but I missed the word hope. But it showed up! And friends, I needed to see that this morning. Hope is showing up in my life, I need to be sure to pay attention or I will miss it.

Happy Wednesday. Would love to hear how hope is showing up in surprising ways right now.

Inside time

You may have heard about the fires in Oregon and Washington. Or maybe not if you are avoiding the news, which I support 100%. The fires are not nearby but the smoke started blowing in on Thursday afternoon and looks like it will be sticking around a while. So, one more reason to stay inside. Seattle opened clean air shelters for people who don’t have an inside. And it seems people are taking this unhealthy air seriously because the neighborhood has been very quiet the last few days.

Saturday was really weird. There was a dull, yellow glow all day that felt almost apocalyptic. The pictures of Oregon and downtown Seattle are crazy. Fortunately the weather changed which was a blessing. A closed up house in hot weather would have been hard to handle (no air conditioning here).

While I was inside, not accumulating any steps on my FITB, I finished that donation hat. I am closing in on sleeve number one – three to go. I also stitched the binding on a quilt. And I made plans via text with some quilting friends to stitch and swap house blocks. During a little decluttering session, I found the yarn I bought for the Pheasant Pullover. The question is, do I need to finish all the sleeves before I can start another sweater?

I did play with my notebooks but no photos to share. Be sure to visit Katie – our notebook guru. And have a wonderful Monday. Take a few deep breaths for me.

Thoughts on the joy of grand parenting

Being a gramma, a gramma to an incredibly creative, curious, and active little boy, has me thinking about holding on and letting go.

I am holding on to the pure joy on his face when he dumps dirt on his hands (and arms and feet) and letting go of clean clothes – and seriously, how do you get dirt between your toes when you are wearing shoes and socks?

I am holding on to his stories and perspective, the zigs and zags of his imaginative play, and letting go of being in charge of the schedule.

I am holding on to those moments when he forgets I am close by and I get to hear him singing and talking to himself and letting go of needing to be part of the story.

I am trying very hard to hold on to his need for independence and autonomy because I know how important that is.

I know that my life is blessed to live close by and be a regular part of his week. I am snapping pictures and writing down stories and enjoying this time. Now, if I could just let go of his need to make every departure a game of chase.