Monday in the kitchen

Sunday evening dinner is problematic. By the time I get home from church and visiting dad, I don’t really want to cook. I used to put some meat in the crock pot on Sunday morning but I am trying to revamp my eating plan, loading up my plate with veggies and letting meat be a sometimes side dish. So I have been collecting recipes and ideas that can come together quickly. When I saw this recipe, I knew i wanted to try it out. I actually had everything in the pantry too. The salad came together easily (the dressing was not hard to make) and I made an extra serving to take for lunch tomorrow. I also added cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes. I imagine this salad will find a regular spot on my meal planning calendar.


3 things – creative endeavors

I gave my seam ripper a good workout and I am ready to restitch the straps and seams on my Making Backpack. Yes, the straps came undone once again. I am pretty sure it is because of the type of webbing I used so I have some new webbing and, thanks to Instagram, some new id as about how to make the straps stronger.

My fabric is pressed, bobbins are wound, and time has been set aside to make this dress on Saturday.

The Local Yarn Store Tour is happening this weekend. Will I visit a few stores? Such a good question. Stay tuned.

A Humble Quilt swap

Lori does a small quilt swap about once a year. Lori attracts the loveliest folks and is a fun way to create something small and connect with other quilters. This year my swap partner was Annemiek. Annemiek lives in Holland (that is the cute card she included as well as a pretty mirror with a Delft pattern on the back side.). What fun to open the package and find this beautiful little quilt.

Off to join Lori’s quilt swap link up today.

Sometimes Monday

finds me longing for just one more day at home. I had the most lovely weekend. A long walk, knitting, and sewing time on Saturday. A visit with my dad, a hike with my daughters, and more time to play in my sewing room on Sunday. Time for dreaming of making another dress, fixing my backpack, and stitching up another bag. But, those dreams will need to wait. Fortunately, the calendar boxes for next weekend are blank so I might just pencil in another sewing day.

Something that is drawing back to fabric and thread are the posts on this lovely blog. This post really spoke to me. And then there is Mary, I her awesome #memademay posts on Instagram. When I was playing in my sewing room, I found this bough supplies to produce a number or fun projects. Using up the stuff on hand has been a goal of min for a few years.

So, back to work with an amazing lunch and a head full of ideas. Hope I can concentrate on the work that needs doing. Happy Monday!

Unraveled Wednesday

A few weeks ago, a woman at church asked if I could help her get a scarf finished. She had started the scarf almost two years ago at our prayer shawl group and wanted it finished so she could gift it to her niece. I said yes. I adore this woman. She has a beautiful laugh and is such an encourager and prayer warrior.

She handed me a ziplock bag with a garter stitch scarf, about 15″ completed and a skein and a half to go. It is on size 10 needles so I thought it would go quickly.

Here is the first unraveling part of this story.

The two skeins we purple, acrylic, and thick. But they were different yarns. One was shiny and one was dull. I consulted with my daughters and they suggested alternating yarns so I unraveled, leaving two inches of her knitting. Then I alternated, two row of one, two rows of the other. It gives a very subtle stripe effect.

The other unraveling is this. This woman has just been diagnosed with cancer. She is in the process of finding out about treatments with many doctors appointments in the upcoming weeks. So as I knit on this scarf, I pray for her. And I am going to take it to the prayer shawl group and ask others to knit a few rows so it will become a prayer scarf.

I am beyond grateful for this unraveling story.

Where do you want to go?

I love to travel but my school year schedule makes it a bit tricky. I don’t work in a July but July is the most gorgeous time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Such a dilemma.

I found this website yesterday and it has me thinking about armchair traveling. So many lists of books set in so many countries!

I don’t really need to add to my TBR pile but I am starting with the Iceland list. Where do you want to travel?