Another Friday

I was happy to look out the front door yesterday and see those daffodils! Sturdy little yellow flowers. These are the small flowers. I have more bulbs in this same area but I don’t expect to see them for a few more weeks.

Can you believe it is Friday again? This week went so quickly. Today is cast on day for the Woolly Thistle Color Work Accessory Knit Along. I am excited to meet up with my TWT buddies for a cast on party this afternoon. I am planning to cast on another pair of socks because this happened . . .

Yes! 19 days into my 100 days of knitting socks – my very first pair of socks. I learned so much and I cannot wait to begin the next pair. Thanks for all the encouragement and words of wisdom. And enjoy your weekend.

Three Things – a quilt edition

My very first blog was a quilt blog. Sometimes I wrote about travel or gardening or running but it was 90% about fabric and quilting. When I started knitting, my quilting time fell away. But lately, I have found such joy in my time at the machine and the quilts I have been making. So here are three quilt related things.

My Curves Challenge Quilt – ready to be quilted

I am usually rubbish at quilt alongs and challenges but the curves challenge felt like something I needed to try so I signed up. After struggling with my first block choice, I regrouped and started making a simpler block that would give me the chance to practice machine stitching curves. I had no idea how this would go and thought maybe I would return to the first block after I had a bit more experience. But in a short time, I began to fall in love with the way this quilt was coming together. I finished the border appliqué on Monday and I am right on schedule to get it basted and begin quilting.

As I was working on the batting and backing for my curves quilt, I was also watching this series on PBS. When I first learned to quilt, I used to watch quilting shows every Saturday on PBS. This show was so good and I need to make time to watch more of this series.

Quilting had connected and introduced me to so many lovely people. I have had the opportunity to travel to quilt shows around the country, take classes, and meet online quilters in real life. I have followed Meredithe’s blog for awhile. I can tell she is an amazing teacher and encourager. I love her show and tell posts. I recently asked her advice on how to piece that pesky block, the one that was my first idea for the curves challenge. She not only offered ideas, she made a video to show me how to use my templates! I will be getting back to that curved block idea (see item number 1) very soon.

I think you will be reading a lot more about my quilting life this year – Hello to quilting!

Winter walking

our neighbors are still sharing a daily funny

I really thought my walking streak would end last weekend. The snow predicted for Thursday didn’t arrive until Friday night and then it just dumped and dumped for two days. But walking is saving my life these days and I have a good pair of fur lined boots so I pulled on a woolly hat and mittens and headed out. The road conditions meant very few cars were on the road. It was quiet except for the crunch, crunch, crunch of my boots in the snow. It really was beautiful.

Fortunately there was another weather shift on Monday so our snowbound experience was short lived. I hope that those of you who have had crazy, cold, and windy conditions will find relief soon.

Hello snow

This is the kind of snow I could love. Just enough to be pretty, not enough keep us stranded. I hear more is coming so we will see. The road folks were wise enough to get the de-icer on the roads before the snow began and that has made a big difference. And, this is the first time in probably 30 years that I watched the snow begin to fall last night without the niggle in my stomach about needing to drive to work the next day. And what is more lovely that daffodils in the snow? Happy Friday.