Friday fun

I saw this on Instagram the other day and thought it would make a fun post. (Leaving it blank in case you want to grab the image – please be sure to credit to @sabrinajolan)

I would choose:

  • Fairy lights
  • Coffee
  • Thanksgiving
  • Heavy fog
  • Knitted sweaters
  • Sit at a bonfire
  • Roasted nuts
  • Pumpkin spice

in fact, I might grab a pumpkin spice coffee on the way to work – it is a foggy morning! Happy Friday.


3 things

Here are three things that are making me happy right now:

New recipes and time to make a real grocery list

Fun yarn (thanks to Kym’s giveaway)

Time, time, time -for meal planning and grocery shopping and reading and sewing and knitting and whatever might come up. How did I not realize how much I needed to cut back to a four day work week? I know it is a privilege to cut back and I am trying to be mindful and grateful.

Off to visit Carole before heading to the grocery store.

Tiny moment Tuesday

I was taking our little person to visit his great grampa this weekend. We were playing a game of I spy with my little eye and I said I spy clouds. There was a moment of quiet and then, “Gramma! It’s a tower crane and it has two flags! Two flags Gramma!” I didn’t actually see the crane that day but I was stopped at a light yesterday and when I looked up, there it was! That crane with two flags!

I’m not sure how I got to be this old without knowing about the excitement of cranes with flags. This little boy helps me remember to look up so I don’t miss those #tinytinymoments

Monday mindfulness

Over the last week I have been hearing a whisper of a message: stop rushing.

I am listening. Do you need to hear this message too?

Yes, autumn is coming, September is dwindling but we really don’t need to be counting how many days until Christmas. The days are getting shorter but they won’t disappear completely unless we let them. Today I encourage you to:

  • Slow down
  • Take some deep breaths, letting the exhale be longer than the inhale so you get it all out.
  • Listen
  • Pay attention


3 things I have been avoiding

I’m sure I am not the only one with items on my To Do list that have been there far too long. Here are three items I was finally able to cross off.

  1. Finish the purple scarf. I wrote about this scarf here. Every time I picked up another knitting project that bag with the purple yarn taunted me. So last weekend I committed to getting it done and I did. It will be delivered on Saturday.
  1. Taking donation boxes to the Goodwill. My upstairs hallway has been getting harder to navigate. I have been decluttering since January and each month I would write Take boxes to Goodwill on my task list. And the next month I moved that task. But I have made progress! I took one load this week and have helpers who will help me move most of the remaining stuff on Saturday.
  2. Schedule annual exam. This is the first time in 30 years that I am overdue for this task but I did get it scheduled for the 24th so that one can also get crossed off.

Of course now I have some empty space on my To Do list. Wonder what I might add.

Off to visit Carole and friends.

A wee bit of unraveling

I have been knitting some donation hats. I try to keep them simple enough to finish quickly but I had these two yarns and I wanted to try stripes. At one point I wasn’t paying attention and switched colors a few stitches into the row. Did that twice actually and didn’t notice for another inch. Ugh. I unraveled and restarted and I am close to the crown decreases again. I finished a scarf on Saturday too. But that is for another post.

I finished a few books last week (all non-fiction) and I am still struggling to settle into some fiction. I think I’ll just go with it. Must be something I need to learn.

The school year is going smoothly, so far. I am trying to pay attention to the flow of my days and have been able to include some meditation, reading, and journaling to my morning routine. The rain and cooler days are lovely and have me dreaming of leggings, sweaters, and soup for lunch.

Today I will be thinking of the events from 18 years ago, appreciating my loved ones, and looking for opportunities to bring a bit of grace into the lives of those I encounter.

Off to check in with Kat and friends.

Hello Monday

“Breaking a pattern is never easy, but I’m determined not to go back to the way I was. I’m determined to move forward with focus, ease and this new feeling of calmness that has eluded me most, if not all, of my life.”

Sunday morning I read these words in Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper. Yes please. Focus. Ease. Calmness. I will take a dose of each. I rolled out my yoga mat and did some stretching. I’m ready for Robin Long’s 10 day challenge. Best of all I am ready for my first four day work week (and trying hard not to plan anything’s for this first week).

Hope your week brings what you need.