3 bookish things

I have been in a bit of a reading slump. I finished an audio book but haven’t been able to settle into a print or ebook lately. I did a big book purge and hauled away three boxes of books yesterday so I have lots of open space on my shelves. As part of my #usewhatyouhave goal I would like to re-shelf my books without adding too many more over the next 6 months. (American Marriage made the KEEP pile and I hope it is the book to break my slump.)

But, if you are looking for book suggestions, here are three of my favorite sources.

Have I shared Tale Away? I’m not sure how I found it but if you are looking for books set in specific countries, this is the place to go.

Whitney is another reader to follow. She has a monthly reading challenge that focuses on reading the books you own. I enjoyed her recent trip to New York City via Instagram. Now I have a bunch of new places I want to visit in that city.

Finally, my own public library is the best. There are now 50 branches and a very active Mobile Library bringing reading to our corner of the world. In the summer I love going to pick up my holds because I always run into families from school and it makes my heart sing to know library visits are part of their summer routines.

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3 things

Summer is hurtling past but I am managing to enjoy some small things.

This “coffee” has become a daily habit. I also like the Reishi Elixir in the evenings to help with sleep. I re-organized a narrow kitchen drawer to better accommodate my growing stash of coffee alternatives and teas.

I needed a summer project that wouldn’t take too many days in a row of work (because my summer has been hit and miss with open calendar days). A pantry clean out was a good choice. It took one afternoon and a morning to get things sorted out and install the rolling bins. I was surprised to find I had 10 jars of olives! Hopefully these pull out bins will help me stay on top of what is in the pantry. Thinking of typing up an inventory list to put on the cabinet door.

About 28 years ago I planted one small hops plant for my husband to use in his beer making. It has grown and grown and was wrapping itself around the neighboring trees and plants so I asked my handy daughter to help me build some sort of trellis. I marked the lines and she did the cutting, drilling, and building. Now we have this very cool “tent” for our hops. Makes a fun place to play for our no-longer-so-tiny person.

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Unraveled Wednesday

There was a bit of unraveling last week that I didn’t share. I was about 2 inches into the body of this sweater when I realized I had knit two rows instead of the knit one row purl one row pattern. I tried to fix it which resulted in a huge mess so I unraveled about 1.5 inches and put the stitches back on my needles. I held my breath and began again. What a relief to find the correct number of stitches were on the needles. I have about two more inches of the body and then I need to decide about length. Fortunately I will be able to try it on since it is top down.

A few other things I am enjoying as we launch into July:

I cannot get enough of the berries. This salad is destined for my plate this weekend.

I spent a day at a friend’s beach house which was filled with sunshine and conversation.

Yesterday we had rain and grey skies so I did some serious decluttering.

I finished The Great Believers and I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening): A Guide to Grace-Field Political Conversations and I recommend both.

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summer with my word

This will be very brief because I am sinking into my word on this for week of my summer break. REST is showing up for me in so many ways. Restful books and fiber diversions, restful food and beverages, but most importantly, restful time.

Join me with your summer words post here

Three decisions

I will be heading off to our annual “quilt” retreat in a few hours and I have just made three decisions that will make it an more enjoyable adventure.

1. I decided that I won’t be quilting. I don’t have a project that I want to wrangle. I have my string blocks but need to cut more strips. I have that quilt on the wall but the next step also requires cutting lots of different fabrics. And I have a stack of fat quarters that would make a fun quilt but I need one more color and it isn’t currently in my stash.

2. Instead I have decided to take lots of bag making supplies. I have my backpack from last summer that needs to be repaired. I also have fabrics to make two bags in the Black and White issue of Making magazine. And I have some stash fabric to try out a top from that same magazine. I am also packing up a sleeveless dress that will come home with short sleeves and be much more wearable.

3. I didn’t get those little treat bags made. The last week has just been too full and I decided to set that project aside. Instead I got some small bowls, lovely tea, and beautiful fabric to give to my retreat mates.

The only decision left to make is which pair of yoga pants I want to wear for three days!

Happy Thursday. Off to visit Carole and friends.

on my mind

Yesterday we had a lovely evening with our daughters and their husbands and I sat thinking about the blessing of grown up kids and time to talk and hear their ideas and be inspired. Isn’t it great when our kids inspire us?

This morning my mind is buzzing with ideas but sadly, I have another day of meetings ahead of me. But I don’t want to lose these thought so here is a little mid-June brain dump.

Gardening – I used to love digging up my yard and planting and weeding and harvesting. As soon as those meetings are over I am going to get some starts planted and then I will head to the library to pick up some gardening books. Anyone know a good garden memoir book?

Sewing – when I’m not in the garden, I want to be sewing. I want to pull out all the fabric that I have for clothing and make some tops and tunics to wear with pants and I want to find a good pants pattern – suggestions? I found some new sewing blogs and a sewing podcast and I just want to sew!

Reading – Saturday was beautiful and would have been great for gardening or sewing but I had fallen into this amazing book and just had to finish it. The book is The River by Peter Heller. Such a good story.

Well, time for a cup of coffee and a morning smoothie and off to that meeting with flickers of summer fun to keep me company.