Slow stitching on a Sunday

I don’t think I have written a slow stitching post since moving to this space.  Yesterday, I found myself visiting quite a few of the lovely slow Sunday stitchers and I realized how much I enjoyed being a part of that tribe.  

We are still weeks away from the new year but I am beginning to think about how to feed my creative spirit in 2017.  I have dabbled with daily projects but my schedule too often gets in the way and what I don’t want is to set myself up.  But I like the idea of gathering and prepping projects that can be easily picked up and put down. And I very much want to savor every stitch.

I have a stack of circle blocks that I would love to make into a top using this as inspiration.  And this knitting project would provide a fun way to sharpen my knitting skills. I have plenty of fabric and threads to do something like this.  I have also enjoyed following Kate’s making adventures.

Today I am planning to gather my projects for #17ufosin2017.  I have some empty bins that will work well for keeping those projects organized.  Be sure to visit Kathy to see what everyone is working on this weekend.

Fiber Friday

It has been an exciting week!  Our tiny person made quite an entry and has completely stolen my heart.  I am excited to watch his little family of three begin this new season.  They are going to a true power trio!

I have been working on my #17ufosin2017 list.  I have some knitting, some quilting, some sewing, and a few Craftsy classes on my list.  As I went through my yarn stash this week, I realized I am woefully under stocked when it comes to DK weight yarns.  I am planning to pick up a few skeins this weekend to complete those Craftsy classes.  Other than that, I am hoping to use more and buy less in 2017.  

We had just enough snow last night to give us a late start so I am going to sat in bed with a second cuppa and some yarn and ease myself into this Friday.  Hope there is some fiber in your day.

Yarn along Wednesday

I started this book after Thanksgiving.  It is a lovely read.  I also started listening to This is the story of a happy marriage.  I really enjoy books that are read by the author.  My knitting this last week has been calming.  I move between a simple hat, my Peace Project, and this lovely shawl.  I have completed the center section and will begin the border over the weekend.  I have my #17ufosin2017 list almost completed.  I decided to add my Craftsy classes to the list.  They are definitely unfished!
It has been quite a week with our tiny person’s arrival.  I have been cooking up some basics to stock their fridge and cannot wait to visit him at home for an extended cuddle.  

Visit Ginny for some lovely reads about yarn and books.

Fiber Friday

I really thought I would skip writing a blog post today but I need the distraction and I found a challenge idea for 2017 that I cannot resist.

Merredithe is planning a 17 in 2017 finish along.  I have long followed Meredithe’s blog for the fabric goodness but recently, she has been bitten by the sock bug.  As I have shifted from being a quilter who knits to a knitter who quilts, I have plenty of fabric and yarn projects that I would love to finish up.

This weekend I will create a list and over the next month, I will write about my projects on Fridays.  Now this does not mean that I won’t start new projects – that would be crazy!  But hopefully I will finish up some of the lovely items currently languishing on my shelves.

Stay tuned!

Hello December

What might you have planned for me?

Reading:  with Christmas break coming up, I hope to settle into one of those lovely books on my shelf.

Listening: to The Yarn Whisperer

Watching: The Kettering Incident

Knitting: Project Peace and those sleeves, really must get back to those sleeves

Writing: Christmas cards and perhaps some thoughts on a tiny person

Sewing: some secret Christmas stuff and a new basic dress for my handmade wardrobe

Learning: how to use my new work computer

Sipping: coffee and lemon water and a special glass of wine in the evening

Cooking: some great new recipes

Running: yes, more of this please

Anticipating: the joy of our tiny person

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