30 days of thankful #19

I love words. And paper and pens and stickers. There was a time when I sank deep into the scrapbooking world. And then there was a time when I found I just needed to get rid of a lot of that stuff because the stuff was getting in the way of putting the pen to paper and capturing the words. Today I am thankful for this beautiful little notebook where I can write quotes and scripture, make lists, and journal about questions and ideas. And every once in awhile I add a colorful sticker because you know I didn’t get rid of everything!

Speaking of words, are you thinking about a word for 2020?

30 days of thankful #18

There are days when we must reach for gratitude and expressions of thankfulness. Journaling and a quiet morning, soup for lunch, good wipers on a rainy morning. There is always something.

30 days of thankful #16

I started using the Calm app last spring but it was off and on. I know Carole has established a regular meditation practice and her post gave me the nudge to pair my 30 days of thankful with a daily meditation practice. I am twelve days in, not quite a habit but definitely going in the right direction. Today I am thankful for the guided meditations that are helping me start my days in a new way.

30 days of thankful #15

This week I had a chance to sit with a lovely matcha latte and a good book. I put these coffee and a book dates on my calendar but I too easily let things get in the way. Today I am thankful that I had this time and I am determined to find a way to give myself this gift of time more often. And by the way, this is a very good book. Not so much groundbreaking information but the presentation is beautiful.

30 days of thankful #14

My husband would cringe if he heard me say it but I am thankful for the beauty of fallen leaves in November. I grew up in Arizona with cactus and rock gardens. The greenery and colors of the changing season never get old for me. But then I do not have the job of keeping them off the driveway or out of the gutters so I guess that I can be thankful for leaves on the ground because I have a husband who makes sure they don’t stick around long enough to make trouble.

30 days of thankful #13

I am thankful that I have finally turned the corner on adjusting to the time change. Honestly, this has been the hardest time for me. Hoping the adjustment sticks.

I did have some intentional unraveling this week. Pictured above is the hem of my Stopover. This was my first bottom up sweater I made and it was just a bit too short. I tried blocking it but the yarn is quite springy. I finally went in and began to unravel the hem. I will add an inch more of the gray and then do a slightly longer ribbed edging. It was harder to unravel because of the bottom up construction but I managed to get the right number of stitches picked up. Now I need about 30 minutes of good light to get those first rows done and I’m on my way. I also unraveled the neckline and will do an i-cord bind off so it isn’t snug on my neck.

Linking up with Kat today. Be sure to visit her for more tales of unraveling.