Around here, we know that summer, as in the sunny days kind of summer, starts after July 4. It’s been a bit of a slog this week, lots of grey and drizzle, but summer is coming. I know I will be spending more time on the deck and in the garden.

Thinking about – getting reacquainted with my notebook. I have been using standard sized inserts for the last six months although I have not written consistently like Katie. This week, I discovered a lovely log and YouTube feed – Keep Good Notes. Watching her videos and reading her posts have helped me start again with daily journaling. I am also inspired by Honoré. I love the way she makes journaling and paper and regular part of her routine.

Grateful for – time spent with my grandson. Yesterday he taught me how to draw a shell. It was a lovely time.

Interested in – learning more about self-care. This morning I was making a list of all the ways I give my time away. I recently read Sarah Bessey’s book, Miracles and Other Reasonable Things. One thing that I took away from this book is to pay attention to the difference between self-care and self-comfort. Journaling is self-care, something I want to make a part of my daily routines and rhythms.

Fun ahead – Today would have been dad’s 91st birthday. I will head to the store for some gluten free cupcakes and then join family for a virtual birthday celebration this evening.

Enjoy your Friday!

Slow and steady

This last week I heard the sad news that two of our local-ish yarn stores are closing their brick and mortar locations due to the pandemic. I know they have permission to open their shops but the restraints on numbers of customers in the shop and personal finances are too much to overcome right now. I have been working on finishing projects and using stash but this news does have me thinking about ordering a sweater quantity of yarn from another local shop. I know they have free shipping so it is a possibility. Just need to decide on a pattern.

I bound off, washed, and blocked my pandemic prayer shawl this weekend. Still need weave in the ends and take some pictures. I am working on Helen Stewart’s mystery shawl and doing a pretty good job of keep up with the clues. And because we have rain and grey skies, I have pulled out a color work sweater for evening TV knitting since I am at the round and round part of the body.

Slow and steady. No rush to finish. Just enjoying the process. This is a new story for me.

Telling our stories

There is a theme emerging. It has shown up on a few of the podcasts I listen to, in the newsletters and books I have been reading, on IG, and then Mary mentioned it in her Sunday post.

The last few months, maybe even the last few years, a story has been emerging but I have not been listening to it. Today feels like a good day to begin. Ideas are buzzing. I hope you will check back. There is a reason I named this blog Chasing Stories.

Tiny moments – words to remember

During lunch I suggested we might take a hike on the trail before heading home .

E: Okay. Do you mean we will we go in the car to get to the trail?”

Me: yes we will

E: Then this is the best day ever!

This boy has learned to embrace joy (gets that from his mama). So off we went, with Roo tucked securely inside his jacket, to the pipeline trail. I knew we would see goats, horses, and maybe some sheep. I also figured it wouldn’t be crowded because it was overcast. Up the hill, down the hill, swishing through the grass. We walked a bit further than those little legs could manage so he needed a lift for part of the return trip.

Lifting him up I said; “Oh my, you are getting so big!” to which he responded, “That’s my favorite thing you say gramma.”