I spend too much time thinking about writing and not enough time actually writing.
The stories swirl around in my head like bits and pieces of flotsam in the sea. At times they float just on the surface but then crash around like the waves hitting the sand. And before I can brace myself, they are gone.
Last year I committed to write. And I did, for a brief time. I had a lovely notebook that turned out to be too big. I had a pen that flowed across the page, but it was too often left at the bottom of my bag.
There are a few stories, recorded on a now unused blog. They too were in danger of floating away.
I want to preserve these stories, these memories. So I am returning to another format, one that might be more comfortable.
There is new ink in my printer. The first pages are printed. I pulled out my paper and tape and added just a few embellishments, just enough.
It is a new start.

The last July Prompt – Preserve
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yield [yeeld]
to give forth or produce
to give up or over; relinquish or resign, to surrender or submit

Here I am, yielding to the list, the things that must be done.

Here I am making sure I get the most yield from my time,
my energy,
even my produce.

Here I am surrendering and submitting yet not feeling resigned.

I have not puzzled over a word in too long.

Here I am, yielding to the challenge of language.

Writing with prompts – just one more day for the July list

here and now

here and now

here and now I am making a list and checking things off

here and now I am frustrated by the price of good shoes

here and now I am trying to decide what to pack for a spontaneous trip

here and now I am taking my pen and notebook everywhere

here and now I am happy that the dinner we had tonight will give us left-overs for two more meals

here and now I am thankful for the hard working little air conditioner in our bedroom

here and now I am writing with prompts – the July list