another start (or restart)

IMG_0120I have taken time off running to allow an injury to heal.  It has been hard.  But I know it is best.

This weekend I started a 5k training plan, one that has me walking as much as running.  It is also hard.   But I am determined to stick with this and to be content with the process.  A mile is a mile and one mile will lead to two and then three.   But best of all, I am not having pain.  That is a good thing.

step by step

arrowI love arrows and was excited to see so many on the ground in London and Dublin.  This is how I feel today, follow the arrow and just keep moving forward, one day, one step at a time.  I am surpirsed at how long it is taking me to overcome the jet lag but today is better than the day before.  I just need to keep my head and my toes pointed toward the goal.

Sunday mornings

sermon journalI am going to be honest.  I am struggling with Sunday mornings.

We will be heading to church soon and I am in need of an attitude adjustment.  Things have not been rosy at church and I could easily stay away.  But I heard a speaker this summer who said that these are the times we most need to be with our church community.  So I am taking a cue from my daughter and will bring a journal along.  I am planning to write down the scripture and names of songs and to take notes during the sermon.  Perhaps I will find meaning.  Perhaps there will be something that makes me think.  Perhaps my heart will begin to soften.  I am going today with a blank page and an expectation that words will nudge my attitude in a new direction.  That is the power of words and writing.

writing in public


I recently returned from a trip that was journaling worthy but I did very little writing.  I was traveling with a group and I could not push myself to pull out my notebook in public. I was so aware of how awkward this felt and I wanted so much to write.  Instead, I carried the little notepad from the hotel room and made notes here and there.

I want to get past this.  I want to write in public.  I want writing to be a known part of who I am, what I do.  I will be working on this.