just a little sliver

moonThis time of year, it is very dark when I leave for work and it is easy to be grumpy about that darkness.  This morning, I pulled up to the stop sign and paused long enough to see this tiny sliver of the moon hanging in the sky.  And I thought about this new baby that is soon to enter our world, about tiny hands and fingernails and the miracle of birth.  Today I am grateful for the dark because it gave me this tiny moment of joy.

gratitude week 2016


I am ready for Gratitude week, a lovely community organized by Michelle.  This week is a time to be intentional about saying thank you and recognizing the tiny moments in our lives that bring joy.

This morning I am grateful for:

  • the excitement of a new life that is just weeks away from joining our family
  • pumpkin chili and bread and cookies and granola
  • sun shining through yellow leaves
  • laundry fresh from the dryer
  • a renewed energy for running


Fiber friday

I once told a co-worker that Friday was my favorite day of the week.  Even on a day when I wake up much too early, I can feel the promise of the week-ending.  If it was any other day of the week, I would be grumpy and frustrated to be so wide awake at this hour.  But it is Friday and this early hour is perfect for re-starting my Sigla sweater.  Yup, another opportunity to un-knit.  I got to the point where I would be separating for the sleeves and decided to try it on.  There was something about the neckline that seemed off.  I could barely get it over my head and I do not like a tight neckline.  Fortunately, AsKatKnits had added some notes about this on her project page so I pulled it apart and have begun again.  I’m feeling pretty good about this restart.

I was in a staff meeting this week.  The topic was mindset – fixed or growth.  We had a good chat about the role of mistakes and failure in the learning process.  I was in the minority, believing that each mistake is an opportunity.  If I didn’t believe that, I would never complete any knitting projects.  Nor would I step out and take on some of the projects I have going at work.  So, here I sit, listening to Knit British, sipping a lovely cuppa coffee, and casting on a neckline that will be the lovely start of this beautiful sweater.  AND, its Friday!  Enjoy!

Yarn and books

I finished this book a few days ago.  I listened to the audio version which is read by Clara Parkes.  It was so fun to have her read to me as I drove here and there.  On the day I was driving out to Tolt Yarn and Wool, I listened to Clara read about her visit to Iceland.  I was on my way to buy some to buy some Lettlopi for the Sigla sweater.  And about that sweater.  I made a very good start in short time (and I am not a fast knitter).  Yesterday I tried it on before I put the sleeves on holders and the neckline was too small.  So I un-knitted and have restarted.  Just a short backward trek that will be worth it in the end.

Linking up with Ginny today.  Happy Wednesday!



 I have not joined in with Ruth’s weekly celebrations for too long.  But I started reading this lovely book and cannot stop recommending it to others.  Imagine if we celebrated listening more and telling less.  Last week no I sat down in the middle of my yarns and needles and tried to listen to my creative heart.  I have a shawl on my needles that has not been an easy ride.  I am determined to finish that shawl but I needed something else – a little interlude.  I pulled out another shawl that I knit last year.  I love the color and the texture of the yarn but I only wore the shawl a few times.  The shape was not right for me.  With little hesitation, I began to pull at the bind-off stitches.  I pulled and pulled.  It was almost an act of meditation, unwinding and rewinding that yarn.  What will it become?  I have a few ideas but I am going to let it simmer.  For now, I am celebrating that joy and energy that I have found in knitting. 


Fiber friday

This lovely fiber.  This beautiful sweater.  Just what I need to pull me through another Friday.  I have swatched and my gauge was spot on.  All that is left is the casting on, the perfect Friday night past time. I have decided to try a two color sweater.  The main color will be grey.  The accent design will be in the orange.  I have not been wildly successful knitting sweaters.  To be honest, the last sweater I completed was about 29 years ago and it was a toddler sweater.  So, let’s see how this goes.  Happy Friday.  Hope there is fiber in your day, or at least in your weekend.




When I was a girl, I usually ate cereal or toast for breakfast.  Pop Tarts and chocolate instant breakfast were a treat that arrived in my high school years.  On Sunday mornings, dad would make scrambled eggs.  The smell drifted under my door and I would climb deep under the bed-clothes.  I did not like eggs.

In college, I moved into an apartment and found that smelly things like eggs and canned tuna were very reasonably priced.  Suddenly they became staples in my diet.  But green things – no.  I just could not understand my friends who were choosing to become vegetarians.  When I would go home for family dinners, my mother shook her head as I pushed the peas and beans around on my plate without eating a bite.

If only mom could see me now.  My day begins with green – green juice, poached eggs on a bed of kale or broccoli, spinach, asparagus, edamame.  I love breakfast.

I have had wonderful breakfasts in cities from San Francisco to Edinburgh.  In Uganda we learned that the chickens are so poorly fed that the yolks do not turn yellow.  I settled for oatmeal and bananas.  I had a disappointing breakfast at a little, highly recommened cafe in New York city last summer.    But my favorite breakfast day is Sunday, when there is a bit more time before we leave the house.  I pull out my simple, white bowl and tops my greens with bacon, kimchee, and a perfectly poached egg.  And somehow, I don’t even notice the smell anymore.

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