Fiber friday

I once told a co-worker that Friday was my favorite day of the week.  Even on a day when I wake up much too early, I can feel the promise of the week-ending.  If it was any other day of the week, I would be grumpy and frustrated to be so wide awake at this hour.  But it is Friday and this early hour is perfect for re-starting my Sigla sweater.  Yup, another opportunity to un-knit.  I got to the point where I would be separating for the sleeves and decided to try it on.  There was something about the neckline that seemed off.  I could barely get it over my head and I do not like a tight neckline.  Fortunately, AsKatKnits had added some notes about this on her project page so I pulled it apart and have begun again.  I’m feeling pretty good about this restart.

I was in a staff meeting this week.  The topic was mindset – fixed or growth.  We had a good chat about the role of mistakes and failure in the learning process.  I was in the minority, believing that each mistake is an opportunity.  If I didn’t believe that, I would never complete any knitting projects.  Nor would I step out and take on some of the projects I have going at work.  So, here I sit, listening to Knit British, sipping a lovely cuppa coffee, and casting on a neckline that will be the lovely start of this beautiful sweater.  AND, its Friday!  Enjoy!