Yarn and books

Time to let November slip away.  It was a fun month with daily postings and lots of new blog friends.

I picked this book up at the library the other day.  I keep thinking of Anne Lamont’s book, Some Assembly Required, where she talks about the importance of keeping her ideas and opionions to herself.  Very good advice.  But I also know that parenting and infant care have changed in the last 31 years so why not occupy myself with this little book.

I finally succeeded in getting my Project Peace cowl cast on (thanks for the cast on idea Kat).  There are a lot of stitches but this yarn is so soft and the pattern repeat will definitely make for some peaceful knitting, perhaps in a waiting room?

Happy Wednesday!  Visit Frontier Dreams and Ginny to see some lovely crafting going on this week.

Knit for peace – knit for health

The Knit for Peace pattern was released yesterday.  It has been fun watching the numbers go up and up on the Ravelry group.  Seems a lot of us are seeking a bit of peace these days.  I find hope in that.

My sister sent me a link to an article about the health benefits of knitting.  She used to knit and I keep encouraging her to pick it up again.  After all, Purl Soho could be her LYS now that she has moved to the big city.  

Knitting – it is a very good thing!

Monday, monday

Have I mentioned that I love my job?  The hard parts (budgets, discipline, paperwork) are easily set aside when a small person brings me a hand written note.  There are times when I miss the day to day teaching, having a special connection with one group of children.  But I spend a lot of time in the classrooms and do a monthly storytime with each class so in the end, I do get that connection.  And, I get to work with parents too.  This time of year I am hosting parent meetings to talk about development, what to expect in the next few months, and making decisions for the next school year.  I have a deep desire to help parents listen to their hearts and their guts about their own child.  It seems a bit counter cultural these days.  

It looks like a wet and meeting filled week but I know there will be #tinytinymoments to bring a smile to my face.  Happy Monday!

Pause and make room

 This weekend I picked up “The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life ” by Joan Chittister and found this lovely quote.”Advent makes us look for God in all those places we have, until now, ignored.”

Today is the first Sunday in Advent.  I bought this beautiful Advent devotion last year (this is the 2015 devotion – there is a new one for 2016).  I didn’t get very far in the reading. Yesterday I opened to the first week and saw this lovely image.  Yes please, I would very much like to retreat a little this Advent season and make room for more peace in my heart and my life.

Tomorrow is the release of Project Peace.   Will you be joining?

Fiber Friday

I listened to the Knit British podcast as I was finishing up my cleaning yesterday.  In this latest episode, Louise chats about the value of what we do.  I am fortunate to have a creative family.  We all place a pretty high value on creative endevours from knitting and sewing to music making and song writing.  But I appreciated her thoughts on knitting for others.

I also enjoy listening to the knitting memories that Louise includes in her podcasts.  It reminded me of a shawl I had seen in a recent flurry of decluttering and cleaning.  This white shawl was knit for me by my grandmother for a very special dance when I was 16.  It is not fancy and the yarn is not wool.  That was the era of acrylic everything – a modern miracle!  But I have kept this little shawl for 45 years.  Many times I would set it near the give away pile but in the end, I folded it and put it away.  Now that I am going to be a grandmother.  I thought I would pull it out and use it.  I can see it around my shoulders as I rock or read to our tiny person.  I have such wonderful memories of spending time with my grandmother, sipping tea with milk and sugar from her saucer, and of course, learning to knit.  She loved jigsaw puzzles and card games.  There was a picnic table near the avocado tree in her backyard where we would sit late into the summer evening.  My dad was an only child so my grandparents lavished a lot of love in our little family.

I finished another donation hat last night.  Need to cast on another simple pattern just in case that tiny person decides that today would be a good day for the waiting room. Pick up your needles, read a good book, or get outside.  Make it a beautful (not a black) Friday.

Think Write Thursday

We have hosted Thanksgiving for 27 of the last 29 years.  There was the year with all the health problems and mom graciously offered to take over.  And then the year that the girls were in college and wanted us to drive over the mountains so we could have a family of four celebration (they did an amazing job!).  For the most part, I like having Thanksgiving at our house.  We have had around 20 people most years.  There are some funny photos, each year a different child refusing to get in the group picture.  It is a great excuse to do some deep cleaning and pull out the fancy dinnerware.  And best of all, my husband makes a very good turkey.

But this year, I have struggled to embrace the holiday.  Work has been has been hectic so there was a lot more deep cleaning that needed to be done.  And there is this tiny person that has yet to arrive.  Th expectant mommy is rolling with the wait but I know (from experience) how hard it is.  And, I am really missing mom.  She would have loved being here, seeing her granddaughter’s belly swell.  They had a sweet relationship.  Even in the last years, when the Alzheimer’s was taking away the present, she brightened up when the girls walked into the room.  She may not have “known” them but she sem d to know that these were people she loved.  She was a wonderful gramma.  I wish I could ask her about that.  She seemed to take on the gramma role with ease and grace.

The table is set.  The cleaning is pretty try much done.  We will have a great time, catching up, eating good food, enjoying some lovely wine.  It will be a wonderful day.  Mom would have loved this.