Yarn and books

Time to let November slip away.  It was a fun month with daily postings and lots of new blog friends.

I picked this book up at the library the other day.  I keep thinking of Anne Lamont’s book, Some Assembly Required, where she talks about the importance of keeping her ideas and opionions to herself.  Very good advice.  But I also know that parenting and infant care have changed in the last 31 years so why not occupy myself with this little book.

I finally succeeded in getting my Project Peace cowl cast on (thanks for the cast on idea Kat).  There are a lot of stitches but this yarn is so soft and the pattern repeat will definitely make for some peaceful knitting, perhaps in a waiting room?

Happy Wednesday!  Visit Frontier Dreams and Ginny to see some lovely crafting going on this week.

Knit for peace – knit for health

The Knit for Peace pattern was released yesterday.  It has been fun watching the numbers go up and up on the Ravelry group.  Seems a lot of us are seeking a bit of peace these days.  I find hope in that.

My sister sent me a link to an article about the health benefits of knitting.  She used to knit and I keep encouraging her to pick it up again.  After all, Purl Soho could be her LYS now that she has moved to the big city.  

Knitting – it is a very good thing!

Monday, monday

Have I mentioned that I love my job?  The hard parts (budgets, discipline, paperwork) are easily set aside when a small person brings me a hand written note.  There are times when I miss the day to day teaching, having a special connection with one group of children.  But I spend a lot of time in the classrooms and do a monthly storytime with each class so in the end, I do get that connection.  And, I get to work with parents too.  This time of year I am hosting parent meetings to talk about development, what to expect in the next few months, and making decisions for the next school year.  I have a deep desire to help parents listen to their hearts and their guts about their own child.  It seems a bit counter cultural these days.  

It looks like a wet and meeting filled week but I know there will be #tinytinymoments to bring a smile to my face.  Happy Monday!

Pause and make room

 This weekend I picked up “The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life ” by Joan Chittister and found this lovely quote.”Advent makes us look for God in all those places we have, until now, ignored.”

Today is the first Sunday in Advent.  I bought this beautiful Advent devotion last year (this is the 2015 devotion – there is a new one for 2016).  I didn’t get very far in the reading. Yesterday I opened to the first week and saw this lovely image.  Yes please, I would very much like to retreat a little this Advent season and make room for more peace in my heart and my life.

Tomorrow is the release of Project Peace.   Will you be joining?