What is not on my needles

I usually write about yarn and books on Wednesdays but this week, I am a bit distracted.  I can’t seem to get my needles settled on a project.  I finished a hat and a shawl over the weekend.  I acquired some lovely new yarn on Saturday.  And I have spent a lot of time going through my library of patterns to find just the right project.  I did start another shawl.  And I have those sleeves waiting.  But what I need is a simple enough hat that can be picked up between the cleaning and getting ready chores. 

So, instead of writing about yarn and books this morning, I am going to tell you about my beautiful notebook.  I bought this notebook last summer and started using it as my everyday carry in August.  I have a wallet insert and two notebooks, one for daily jottings and one for special words and ideas.  I have a dashboard folder with sticky notes and a place for stashing bits of paper.  When I pull this lovely out at a store, I get a lot of oohs and aahs.  This notebook has really helped me keep my purse and my brain in order.  But I also love the story of this notebook and the maker.  Rowena has created a lovely little community with her notebook making.  This morning, I am going to open my notebook to check my to-do lists, jot down a few random thoughts, add some hat pattern names to my knitting wish list, and get my day in order.