Sunday pause

I finally pulled out the box of nativities on Friday.  This is usually the first box of decorations that I bring in from the garage but, as I think I have mentioned, December has given me a wild ride.  Friday was the last day of school and the beginning of my Christmas break so right after a little nap, I began to set up the nativities.  I like to have a nativity in each room.  I have a few more but this year, I am trying to keep things simple so I only set up four.  Just enough to greet me and remind me where my focus needs to be.

Some years, I have kept the baby Jesus pieces to put out on Christmas but this year, it was the baby piece that I wanted to see.  Our own tiny person is just two weeks old.  I had some extended time with him yesterday while our daughter’s made cookies.  I thought it was a pretty clever plan!  I got baby time and a plate of yummy cookies.

Not much of a pause today.  I have done very little to make sure there are gifts under the tree so I will head out after church.  The week ahead will be busy with family visits and plans.