Goodbye January

This first month has flown by!  As I look at my calendar, I see a blur of days, back and forth to visit dad, returning to work, too much cold weather, too few running days.  I also see the excitement and joy of caring for our tiny person after school on Mondays, books finished, hats knit, and even a bit of sewing.  

I am excited to welcome a new project for February.  I read about A Month of Letters on Kym’s blog and I knew I would join in the letter writing fun.  I picked up some fun stamps and pulled out a stack of notecards from my stationary stash.  I have started a list of recipients.  If you would like to receive a handwritten letter in February, please let me know.  I will be in touch to get your address.  

I have other plans for February but will save that for my Think Write Thursday post.  

Happy Tuesday!

#17ufosin2017 – January progress

I love that Meredithe is encouraging us to make substantial progress instead of just focusing on finishing the projects on our lists.

I have one finish for the month – my Gwen Marston inspired flower basket medallion.  I am going to hang this in my front hallway and enjoy the promise of spring in spite of the wintery weather.

I pin basted my Windmills quilt and have about 70% of the machine quilting finished.  And I am closing in on finishing my Simmer Dim shawl.  I only have 9 rows left and will look forward to adding this beautiful pop of color to my wardrobe in the next week.

Be sure to visit Meredithe’s blog for more progress reports.

Monday in the Kitchen – breakfast

First a confession – my meal plan did not go well last week, sigh.  Too many bumps in the road and before I knew it, there was pizza for dinner.  Oh well, another week, another start.

What I do seem to do well is breakfast.  I make a green protein drink most days but a few mornings each week, I have enough time for a sit down breakfast.  My go to option?  Coffee of course.  But also poached eggs on a bed of broccoli and a serving of Lil’ Kim Chee from the Pickled Planet.  Love that ferment d boost! 

Happy Monday!  Eat well.

Hello Friday

Instead of sharing some fiber happenings, I have a few thoughts on books and bookstores and the good people in our lives.

I was searching my library site for books of knitting stories recently and came upon this sweet book about a little girl and a woman who knits hats.  I hope we all have someone like this in our lives, that person who teaches us the importance of caring for others.  Perhaps it is you.  After reading this book, I decided that my shawl will need to wait a few more days to be restarted.  I have two hats that are nearly finished and I want to get them off to the goood people at Knitting4peace by the end of the month.

When our family travels, we look for local bookstores.  I was disappointed when we could not find a bookstore in New Orleans last year but I know I will find plenty when I travel to the U.K. this summer.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to travel across the country with bookstores as our destination?  And coffee shops of course.  One bookstore on my list would be Parnassus Books in Nashville.  Ann Patchett is one of the owners and I have heard her speak of the wonderful staff and events at this store.  I read a great post on the Parnassus blog that I would recommend.  We have fewer and fewer local bookstores every year.  In Seattle, we have author events weekly, and most are in partnership with one of our local stores.  Next week I will go to hear Helen Macdonald speak.  Maybe it is all the rain that makes this such a book friendly part of the country.  I am always thankful for the abundance of bookish events I find in the newspaper each week.

The weekend is almost here.  I have this Friday off work and I will treasure every minute of this day.