Monday in the Kitchen

I spent my wekend on the couch, taking naps, drinking tea and bone broth, and wishing I could be in the kitchen, planning my meals for the upcoming week.  

The last month has been a wild ride with little time to slow down and focus on health and wellness.  I am taking the weekend diversion as a red flag- time to get my kitchen I order.

I have been on a kitchen wellness path for quite some time.  When I stray, I can usually get back on track.  I pull out my cookbooks and set up a weekly meal plan.  This week will be a lot of soup and broth and warm, green salads.  But I am looking ahead to next weekend when I can do some serious grocery shopping and fridge restocking.  

If you want to join me, come back next Monday and share a recipe or kitchen story.  P.S. I do a lot of meal prep and planning on the weekend so I don’t really have to be in the kitchen on Mondays.  That is just when I plan to post!