Monday in the kitchen – Carrot Ginger soup

I first tried Carrot-Ginger soup in a cooking class about five years ago.  The class was about healing and anti-inflammatory foods.  The soup was so simple!  It became my go-to soup for our soup making Sundays that winter.  When a friend was receiving cancer treatments, I gave her a big batch in one serving size jars.  Her stomach was constantly upset and she told me it was the one thing that she could always eat.  

Last fall, we went to hear about a new cookbook.  I was interested to hear how an Olympic runner fueled her body.  I was happy to see a recipe for Carrot-Ginger soup in the cookbook.  I am always looking for updates and tweaks to favorite recipes.  

This week I am easing back into meal planning.  It helps to have a Monday holiday to get set up.  I am cooking up some bone broth, a batch of chili, and getting a roast ready for the crock pot.  Lots of options for dinners and leftovers for lunches.  

The last six weeks have been very hectic for our family and knowing that dinner is planned and prepped has helped to keep me on track.  Cooking up a batch of soup and freezing in single serving jars gives me an easy option for lunch too.  I have created a simple weekly meal planner template that I am happy to share.  Let me know if ups would like a copy.

Here is a lovely version of carrot-ginger soup for you to try.