Yarn and books


I am not sure when I first began to wear orange.  I think it started about 12 years ago with an orange cardigan, not a hand knit, just a simple, plain sweater to add some color to my mostly black wardrobe.

These days, I wear a different orange sweater or my orange (hand knit) shawl, or my orange jacket.  (Sadly my orange shoes are too worn out to wear and I have not found a replacement pair.)  This month, I have more orange yarn on my needles.  I have begun (again, first time I picked the wrong size) the Annabel cardigan.  The simple garter stitch has been a good choice for my cluttered brain this last week.  The needles are 10 1/2 and the yarn is chunky so it is going quickly.  I am just an inch away from separating for the sleeves.  

I finished The Nest and Hillbilly Elegy last week, enjoyed them both.  Yesterday a new book arrived in the mail.  I am just a few chapters in but I think I will enjoy this one too.

We have left the chilly temperatures behind for now, back to our “normal” wet and rainy conditions.  A great reason to stay inside with a good book and some lovely yarn.

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