Sunday Treasure – stitched prayers

A few years ago, I started a stitching project to soothe my heart as we walked through Alzheimer’s disease with mom.  I finished that piece about a year ago and it hangs in my kitchen.  I put notes and cards in the pockets that remind me to be grateful for family and friends.

Last month I found Bonnie’s stitch journal and have been following her new project.  Kat is also stitching daily.  

This morning, I pulled out a packet of kimono fabrics and some linen that have been patiently waiting in my stash to see if I might find inspiration for a stitching project.  Life around here has been wobbly for more than a few months.  It feels a bit like being in a pong game with many zigs and zags.  So I am returning to fabric and thread to create new stitched prayers.  My new project will not be daily – I am working to be realistic and committing to daily projects will not bring me the peace and joy I am seeking.   

Visit Kathy’s blog today to see more slow stitching.