a love letter

Dear mom,

Look at you!  So young and beautiful.  I love this photo, that smile, those glasses!  I wanted to be a mommy, just like you.

Remember when I was the new mom?  Sometimes you would say that you didn’t know how I did it.  I had two children.  You had five!  You were so encouraging, my biggest fan.

Even in those last years when the Alzheimer monster was gobbling up your memory, you always greeted me with such love.  People would ask, “Does she know who you are?”   Taylor had the best answer.  “She might not be able to name us but she knows we are people she loves.”  We are people you loved.  And that made us people who could love others.  That was your gift to us mom.

I want to be just like you mom.  I want to love our daughters with the same unconditional love you showered on me.  I want to be a gramma like you were, loving, nurturing, memory making, always there, just on the edge, never needing to be the center of attention.

I love you mom.  You are forever in my heart. 


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