Hello March – hopeful

March is usually the month when the daffodils peek out from the ground in places that surprise me.  This year, I am hesitant to make too many plans but I hopeful.  

I hope there is time for running and playing with our tiny person. 

I know there will be good books on my IPhone but I also hope for a good book in my lap, a story that will carry me away.

I am inspired to stitch red fabric to white cloth and to make donation hates and I hope there will be a morning or two for gathering with my favorite knitting buddies.  

I hope that dad will settle into a new routine and continue to get stronger.  

This week I reconnected with a blogging friend who writes lovely reflections.  This also brings hope.  There are good people in our lives.  I hope this month will be filled with opportunities to see goodness and hope.

Thanks to Carole and Kat for these weekly prompts.