Mondays in the kitchen – H2O

I have quite a collection of water bottles.  I keep a 20oz cup on my desk at work.  And every morning I fill one of my pretty water bottl s to take in the car – a lovely orange HydroFlask, a Mount Ranier bottle that was a gift from my sister, and my newest addition, a Lifefactory glass water bottle.  I make every effort to drink 64 or more oz. of water every day.  And while I like plain water, I also like to jazz it up a bit.  My favorite combo, a slice of lemon, a slice of lime, some fresh orange juice, and a chunk of ginger.  As we move into spring I will add some frozen cranberries or blueberries, apple slices, and maybe even cucumber to my water bottles.  

How do you make sure to drink your water?


5 thoughts on “Mondays in the kitchen – H2O

  1. I drink my H2O mostly plain…in the summer, with ice, and if available, I’ll also add lemon and/or lime slices. Water travels with me almost everywhere I go. Your additions intrigue me – especially the ginger. I may try that!

  2. I love ginger in my water. Fresh Rosemary is also really good – combined with cucumber. Or fresh Basil and cucumber. I like raspberries, but I don’t seem to get much flavor from blueberries (I think their skin is too thick).

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