Unraveled Wednesday – book sampling

I am happy to report that my knitting this week is not a candidate for unraveling.  I am really enjoying this colorwork hat by Gudrun Johnston.  The chart is simple enough that I can work on it while I watch TV.   And how cute is that card?  It was brought to me by a friend who just returned from London – she gets me!

My reading is in a sampling phase.  I have had many distractions that make it hard to stick with a book and then there is the falling asleep factor.  So this weekend I downloaded a bunch of Kindle samples to get a better flavor of some of the books I have on my TBR list.  I have found a few that I am hoping will work for Mary’s summer bingo.  I also found that my library system has a book recommendation option.   You type in a few books that you really liked and a few reasons why and they send you a list of books they think you will like.  This is not automated, there is a real librarian reading and recommending.  How cool is that!  

Thanks again to Kat for a great post idea.