Three Things Thursday – the jars

Today is a jar day. Three jars for comfort, nutrition, and convenience.

1. Almond milk mixed with a tablespoon of vanilla protein powder for my morning matcha at work.

2. Blueberry-banana-spinach smoothie for breakfast.

3. Kale and chicken salad for lunch.

That should just about do it for today.

Happy Birthday to Carole and thanks for hosting our Thursday’s.

Unraveled Wednesday – listmaking

After finishing my green sweater, I moved quickly to a fun baby hat and then to another shawl. And as I have been knitting, I have been thinking that there is a project that I think I will unravel. It is a Sigla sweater that I started last year. The body is finished but before I could do the sleeves, I started some other projects. And the longer I stayed away from those sleeves, the more I thought that perhaps this was not a good sweater for me. Mostly I was unhappy with the neck band bit I also worry that it will be too warm and with a pullover, too warm can be a deterrent. Yesterday I had an email about a new shawl that needs a bulkier yarn and I immediately thought of the beautiful Lopi yarn in that sweater. So yes, I believe there will be some unraveling around here.

Fortunately there are daily Just Five Things lists happening so I have a photo to share from my midday list on the topic of delight. I am enjoying the practice of listmaking with prompts that Michelle offers.

I finished To the Bright Edge of the World yesterday and think I will listen to a few podcasts today on my commute while I ponder my next read.

Pop over to see what Kat is unraveling today.

Three things

Kat and Carole have switched things up for us and since I love list making, I thought I would jump in.

1. something new

This week I have been posting a black and white photo on Instagram every day. Tomorrow will be the last one. It is fun to try something new and to think about how color changes the appeal of a picture.

2. something old

I set up my drum kit and have been sitting down to get reacquainted with my drums and drumsticks. I forgot how much fun it is to play along to some of my favorite worship songs.

3. essential things

Morning coffee, lots of water, vitamins, and lots of veggies

Looking forward to the weekend and the possibility of weather that calls for a sweater!

Unraveled Wednesday

My green sweater is finished! Just need a cool enough day to put it on and get a proper photo.

I have another sweater to begin but first I need to learn how to do short rows. I have a Craftsy class that walks through the various techniques with a swatch so I hope to get to that this weekend. Until then, when I took our tiny person for a walk last weekend, I noticed that he is in need of a new hat. I picked up this fun kit and cannot wait to begin.

Linking up with Kat today.