Tuesday’s tree

Have you heard that diversionary tactic – Look, a tree! This post is one of those tactics. Can’t think of anything to write on my own so I thought I would try Kathy’s Monday Q&A:

*What is the farthest you’ve gotten on a project this year, only to end  up ripping it out?

I have ripped out two shawls that were finished because the yarn did not lay flat at the edge and I have been contemplating ripping out a sweater because I love the yarn but the style is not working for me.

*Can you remember the most expensive yarn you have purchased?

I don’t think I have bought any outrageously expensive yarn but I did recently spend $48 for yarn to make a shawl which feels a bit on the edge.

*If you  brew your own coffee, what brand do you use?

Tony’s or Starbucks if it is on sale

*Do you have gifts left to make for the coming Holiday Season?

I haven’t even begun to think of the holidays and probably won’t give any handmade gifts

*Thinking about the last week, what was your favorite dinner?

Thai steak salad with roasted sweet potatoes

*What’s your favorite brand of blue jeans?

Ugh- I am at that age and body type where jeans are not my go to anymore

*You have to give one up tomorrow, for a day : television, computer or phone?


*Favorite breed of dog or cat?

I only have eyes for my daughter’s sweet lab mix

*How many blankets did you sleep under last night?

Two for part of the night, none for the rest 😉

Thanks for the Q&A Kathy!

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