Sunday study

I have been looking for something to read daily during advent and didn’t find a devotional that seemed right. What I need now is to dive more deeply into scripture so when I saw this on the Proverbs31 site I decided to give it a try for advent study. I am very happy with the format and quality of this study guide and have placed an order for a few more guides that will be my personal bible study in 2018. This morning I have been reading the background and history. And while advent doesn’t begin until December 3, I will read along with the First5 app starting tomorrow. Do you have any special advent traditional?

Soup day

In a few hours, the girls will come over for a soup day. Each of us will bring the ingredients for a batch of soup and we will spend the morning chopping and cooking. We put the soup in jars and each person goes home with three different soups. I put my jars in the freezer and take one out in the morning for my lunch. By the time I am ready to eat, the soup is nearly thawed. I took a class on winter foods for health a number of years ago and the instructor told us that when it is cold outside, we need to eat warm foods. Salads are harder for our systems during the winter so a good veggie-filled soup is a great option. I will be making this one today.

Happy Saturday.

My Friday

About a month ago I told my husband that I was planning to make the day after Thanksgiving a Me-day. In the last month we have had a baptism, a wedding, a birthday, and Thanksgiving. On top of that there have been many trips across the bridge to be with Dad and enough extra stuff at work to leave me feeling a bit worn. What will I do on my Me-day? A bit of fiber diving, sorting, and purging. Knitting, of course. I am two inches into the body of my sweater. Some hand stitching on a piece i started earlier this year. A run on the trail. Some reading and journaling. Soup for lunch, a cuppa tea, and a nap. Later we will head out to get cheese and salmon for our Friday night dinner/snacks and then back to the couch for more knitting. My day is not even halfway done but I am feeling oh so much better.

Happy Friday.

Three on Thursday

Today I am thankful

For my family and the laughter and music they bring into our lives,

For opportunities to learn that I am much stronger than I ever imagined,

For a day when we can eat good food, sip some amazing wine, and take the time to catch up with our wonderful tribe.

Enjoy your day!