Three on Thursday

I just love orange so here are three lovely orangish things:

My younger daughter gifted me a beautiful bible for Christmas;

My older daughter signed me up for a tea of the month subscription that started with a lovely chai tea blend;

And I gifted myself a folio subscription and the first notebook arrived yesterday. It will be perfect fo my scripture study notes in 2018.

I have been playing with ideas for my 2018 one little word.  I wasn’t going to do an album but as I was doing some decluttering, I find that I still have quite a few pages for a 6×8 album so maybe.  My word is TODAY.  What word will you choose?


Unraveled Wednesday- snow days

The unraveling that has happened here is due to snow and ice. I know that many people love the idea of a White Christmas but not me. You see, we live on a hill and with snow, too often we have days of very treacherous road conditions. It was very cold and damp most of last week so the roads were already icy when the snow began to fall during the Christmas Eve service. By the time we got home, I knew it was going to be a rough go. The kids managed to get here for a short but lovely brunch on Christmas but we sent them off before it got dark and held our breath until we got the “home safe”texts. Tuesday we entertained ourselves watching car after car attempt to get up the hill only to slip and slide around. We didn’t have anywhere to go so we just stayed put. The sad news was that even the mail carrier couldn’t get here and I was expecting a package. Oh well. Plenty of time for knitting. I got past the short rows and increases on my Birkin and finished the short rows on a vest for our tiny person. Then I was back to the sleeves on my Ready for Fall sweater. And there was time for pilates, tea, and reading. A rather lovely day. I heard that the neighborhood association is planning to hire a sanding truck and plough which is good news.

Did you read this blog post? I have that book on my TBR list and now I am thinking it would be fun to use colors from a book cover to inspire a knitting project. Anyone want to play?

Hope your holiday was wonderful and that your yarn is not unraveling as we head into the new year.

p.s. I am trying to figure out Bloglovin’

Fiber Friday

Earlier this week I made a note to purge more fabric and quilt projects during spring break.

The next day, my friend, Lori, sent an email asking if I wanted to do a quilt along with her. She was going to make this quilt . I had mentioned that I had some of those plaids in my stash. When I pulled out the box marked plaids, I found a paltry selection and remembered that I had used up most of my plaids to make donation quilts. But what about my civil war fabrics? That box is not overflowing but there is enough to make a lap quilt. I was inspired. I turned on Amazon Prime, dusted off my rotary cutter, and jumped in. I decided to make 8″ blocks instead of 12″. At the end of two episodes of Tin Star, I had two star and two 16 patch blocks. I think tomorrow I can get at least 12 more sets done. Thanks Lori for giving me the nudge. So happy you emailed BEFORE I purged my fabrics!

And btw- I did get my sleeves started and narrowed down the hat pattern choices.

Hope there is some fiber in your Friday.