Three necessary things

A simple list of comforting things for this dark, rainy morning:

  1. coffee
  2. A bit of knitting
  3. Soup for lunch

The weekend is in sight!


The story of three sweaters

I finished 3 sweaters in 2017. The first was a green, open front cardigan. I learned so much making this sweater but in the end, the fit is not very flattering. Then there is the orange sweater. Love the pattern, the yarn, the color, the buttons. But I started this sweater in 2015 and now that I have worn it a few times, I see where I made mistakes and it is really bugging me. Finally, there is my most recent finish, a pullover with a color Work hem. I love, love, love this sweater. I learned a lot and I went back and corrected mistakes before moving on. And I love the fit. This one is a keeper. The other two? I’m not so sure. I am thinking I need to unravel them, reknit the orange sweater, and repurpose the green yarn. Have you ever done this? Unraveled a completed sweater?

I am listening to The Alice Network and it is a good story and I just got a notice that this book is ready for me at the library. Maybe listening to an audiobook while I unravel will make it seem like a good idea.

Happy Wednesday. Off to visit Kat for more book and knitting adventures.

Are you curious?

“it’s difficult to be curious and unhappy at the same time”

I came across this quote this morning and had to write it in my notebook.  These days I find that I am very curious.  I curious about the connections and science of food and health.  I am curious about wool and knitting and how simple it is to take two stitches (knit and purl) and make amazing things.  I am curious about meditation and yoga and Pilates and simple movements that can lead to good changes.  I am curious about writing and authors and the whole process of putting words on paper.  And best of all, watching our #tinyperson has renewed my curiosity about early development and learning.  Are you curious?  Do you seen that connection between curiosity and happiness?

Today – OLW/1

It is Monday and I need my OLW more than ever this morning. I chose this word (or maybe it chose me) because I have spent too much time living for tomorrow or next week or next month. In 2017 my mantra seemed to be, “I’ll get to that when . . .” And guess what, when never came.

So this year, I want to focus on TODAY. In Goodbye Vitamin, the main character begins her journal entries with this word as she come to realize the importance of staying in the moment. So, that is where I am this morning, choosing to be curious and open to what TODAY will bring and using a pen to add the important stuff to my calendar (like pilates, writing, and reading).

Today looks like it will be a good day.

Three on Thursday

1. Thank you for your kind words. I am not feeling poorly but my eye is still quite red and messy so I am home another day.

2. Tea – I am loving tea these days. In my cuppa this morning is this one which is a very mild taste.

3. Yellow – this color makes me almost as happy as orange. On my side table today I have my Tumeric journal where I am hoping to record the #tinytinymoments from all my TODAYs this year and my grellow Birkin which should grow a bit as I lay low today.

Off to visit Carole for her weekly link up.

Unraveled Wednesday

Well this is not a good way to begin the new year. I was struck by the crud in the days after Christmas and it has not let go so I am staying home from work and will head off to the doctor. I rarely get sick enough for a doctor. In fact I haven’t been really sick since sometime in 2016. But since I am around small children and we have lots of pregnant moms at school, it seems like a good idea.

Until that appointment, I am washing all the sheets and towels and digging in my stash for a simple, take along project for my needles. I thought it would be a hat using the left overs from the Blue Sky slouch hat I made for our tiny person but after a few inches, I decided to unravel and rethink. And right now, my head is not up for thinking. So, instead, I will see if I can cast on a triangle shawl with enough garter stitch to get me through a few days of recuperating.

I am almost finished with Goodbye Vitamin and have begun listening to a book on Mindfulness.

Off to visit Kat and read about lovey yarn and good books.

Hello 2018

Bonny began her first post of the new year with a reminder to begin as you mean to go so here is my beginning. This morning I made a batch of green ginger juice to get my mornings started this week. Then I made a big bowl of a lighter version of this yummy salad. I made my own dressing and used yogurt. I also used a bit less cheese and dressing. It made three servings so I used one to make a green nest for my poached egg this morning. Then I added chopped apples and roasted chicken to the other two servings so I have my lunches made for the first two days back to work. It is not going to be easy to head back to school but at least I will have my lunches made.

I had time to get the first round of color work done on my new sweater project last night. I need to cast on another hat because I anticipate some waiting time this week and I will want some simple knitting to carry around.

Enjoy this first today of the new year.