Unraveled Wednesday

There was a wee bit of unraveling this week. I was making good progress on my Birkin sweater until I got to the end of a row and had one extra stitch. Argh! I went back and found the mistake just a few stitches from the start of the row. So I frogged back and started again. I was happy that it was just one row and not multiple rows that needed unraveling. I have three rows left in the last chart for the yoke. Then I will try it on and measure for the sleeve divide. I am looking forward to some simple stockinette for the body. Now to resist casting on something new before I finish something. I feel a case of castonitis coming on.

I am just pages away from finishing The Immortalists. I started listening to The Bright Hour. Both of these books have me thinking about the memories and stories we leave behind.

Did you see the moon this week. We have had a few clear nights and it is an amazing sight. Be sure to look up.


Weekends are complicated around here and too often end up being as busy as the work week. This weekend the forecast was rain and more rain and perhaps some wind thrown in. But Saturday morning I checked my weather app and saw a small window of dry skies so I texted my daughter – Want to go for a hike? She quickly texted back – Sure!

When we met up, the rain seemed to be committed to sputtering but the trail I chose is very wooded so we would be protected a bit. And once on the trail, the rain stopped! Huzzah! The trail was very muddy but the greens of the moss and leaves was well worth the splattered pants and mud caked boots. Best of all, the rain held off most of Sunday so the driving I needed to do was on dry roads.

I also made some very good progress on my Birkin sweater and had time to do some reading and writing and best of all, a morning with my favorite tiny person who is having so much fun with a large produce box.

How was your weekend?

Three Things for Thursday

I have been thinking about using my beautiful things and it gave me a theme for my Three things TODAY:

  1. I got this lovely orange folio in December and have been puzzled about how to use it. Yesterday I opened the insert and put pen to paper. Why is that so scary? This is going to be my bible study notebook.
  2. I have a lot of mugs. When you are in education, you tend to get mugs as gifts. I do love this one and I am taking it to work for my afternoon cuppa tea. (The one currently on my desk is cute but nothing special while this one will remind me of the twins who gave it to me).
  3. February is letter writing month and I am looking forward to using some cards and stamps that I have been saving for something special.

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Unraveled Wednesday

I saw this hat pattern and just knew I needed it on my needles. I had two skeins of Swan Island yarn that I picked up on clearance so it was an easy choice. I am doing okay with this two color pattern but I am pretty sure that I have a lot to learn about doing color work. I need to check my Craftsy classes. I think I have a color Work class in my queue. I am also open to suggestions for books or videos on color work.

I am on the last section of The Immortalists and still loving this book. I made myself slow down a bit because I didn’t want to miss anything in this wonderful story. I listened to the audio book of Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness.

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I appreciate people who remind me to pay attention to those tiny moments in my life. Michelle is one of those people. She recently asked this question:

What is it that I wish to cultivate?

Isn’t that a great question? I heard a similar question in Ali Edwards‘ One Little Word class. Ali wonders what we might be curious about this year. Great questions.

I have been struggling with my blog writing this month. And how did it get to be the last full week of the month? It was cold yesterday afternoon but the sky was blue and dry so we picked up our tiny person and headed to the park. This was grampa’s first time to get out of the house since his surgery last week and the first time to visit the park with us. It was very fun to stand back and watch these two explore.

And now I’m thinking, maybe Tuesday’s will be for #tinytinymoments. Maybe.

Use your beautiful things TODAY


I have many beautiful things that I am saving for just the right time, just the right project, just this right . . . what?

Inspired by my one little word, I am going to start using my beautiful things more often. Today I am planning to put pen to this beautiful notebook. After chatting with Honore, I joined the winter session of The Journaling Club. It feels a bit out of my comfort zone but stretching is good too.

This yarn has been on my shelf too long. I think I have a pattern idea but I know for sure that it will be a part of my knitting line up in the month ahead.

What beautiful things do you have that are longing to be used?

Enjoy your Friday.