Unraveled Wednesday

Well this is not a good way to begin the new year. I was struck by the crud in the days after Christmas and it has not let go so I am staying home from work and will head off to the doctor. I rarely get sick enough for a doctor. In fact I haven’t been really sick since sometime in 2016. But since I am around small children and we have lots of pregnant moms at school, it seems like a good idea.

Until that appointment, I am washing all the sheets and towels and digging in my stash for a simple, take along project for my needles. I thought it would be a hat using the left overs from the Blue Sky slouch hat I made for our tiny person but after a few inches, I decided to unravel and rethink. And right now, my head is not up for thinking. So, instead, I will see if I can cast on a triangle shawl with enough garter stitch to get me through a few days of recuperating.

I am almost finished with Goodbye Vitamin and have begun listening to a book on Mindfulness.

Off to visit Kat and read about lovey yarn and good books.