The story of three sweaters

I finished 3 sweaters in 2017. The first was a green, open front cardigan. I learned so much making this sweater but in the end, the fit is not very flattering. Then there is the orange sweater. Love the pattern, the yarn, the color, the buttons. But I started this sweater in 2015 and now that I have worn it a few times, I see where I made mistakes and it is really bugging me. Finally, there is my most recent finish, a pullover with a color Work hem. I love, love, love this sweater. I learned a lot and I went back and corrected mistakes before moving on. And I love the fit. This one is a keeper. The other two? I’m not so sure. I am thinking I need to unravel them, reknit the orange sweater, and repurpose the green yarn. Have you ever done this? Unraveled a completed sweater?

I am listening to The Alice Network and it is a good story and I just got a notice that this book is ready for me at the library. Maybe listening to an audiobook while I unravel will make it seem like a good idea.

Happy Wednesday. Off to visit Kat for more book and knitting adventures.