Hello Friday

The days are getting longer, slowly but surely. And I am beginning to imagine . . .

Running – I have not been running. I have been doing Pilates, walking, and getting in my steps but the dark, short days are a big barrier. I have good gear for wet weather but running in the dark is not for me.

Stitching – I cut out a top last weekend and hope to get some sewing done tomorrow.

Gardening – I even started a Pinterest garden board. The last few summers have not included enough time for my garden but I plan to change that this year.

Decluttering – Again, the dark afternoons take the energy out of doing any puttering and decluttering after work but now that we have some daylight until almost 5pm, I am planning some serious decluttering and looking forward to some clean, open spaces, especially in my sewing/yarn room.

Happy Friday – enjoy!