Three Things for Thursday

I know most of my readers knit but I wonder how many of you like to sew. Sewing was my first love. My mom taught me to sew at the age of six and my first project was a red corduroy jumper (mom did the zipper). I made most of my own clothes through high school. I even had a sewing business for a few years. I haven’t wanted to write about my Make Nine because last year, I posted a 17 in 2017 list and proceeded to finish only two of the 17 items. But this weekend I get two extra days so I know I will get some sewing machine time.

  1. Planning to finish my Scout Tee this weekend;
  2. Thinking about ordering this book (thanks for the link Mary) because this is how I love to dress;
  3. Digging through my fabric stash to find a fabric to make a new skirt.

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