3 signs of spring

You have to look past the drizzle and the grey sky but signs of spring are showing up in my yard.

  1. The yellow forsythia that mom bought for me 30 years ago,
  2. The heather that welcomes the bees,
  3. The green moss that I love even because that green is perfect.

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Unraveled Wednesday

The only unraveling around here is the unraveling of my willpower. I could not resist this KAL. I love Helen’s patterns and the theme had me remembering our visit to the Van Gogh museum last summer. And, I had two of the three yarns in my stash so . . . The first clue comes out on March 31, just in time for spring break.

Still reading How to Stop Time and The Four Tendencies (I discovered that I am an obliged). I have also been listening to Speak No Evil , another good story.

We have made it to Wednesday. Just one more day before spring break begins. I think I will make it.

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I have had a tug of war with Easter. There have been some rocky times that have fallen during this special week. So this year, it was such a treasure to watch our tiny person join the big kids for the Palm Sunday procession of the palms. He was a bit puzzled when everyone stopped, but he waved his palms with joy. I think this is the Easter that will give me a new set of memories.

100 days?

Will you be joining the #the100dayproject? I want to do this but I am generally rubbish at daily projects. Nonetheless, I seem to be watching the Instagram feed and wondering if this idea or that idea might be a fit. 100 days of quotes or gratitude or tiny, tiny moments; of moving or writing or eating well? So many ideas. I have a week to make a choice. What do you think?


Thinking about my Birkin sweater that has been ignored all week and planning to pull it out for Friday night tv viewing.

Grateful for the weekend coming up without much on the calendar.

Inspired by the beautiful post Edinburgh Yarn Festival pictures still popping up on my Instagram feed and all the lovely yarn and meet ups that happened.

Fun for tomorrow – I got a free Pilates class at a new studio so I will head over there and try it out.

And because it was a weird week, I will close with an extra gratitude for all the time I get to spend with our tiny person. He is loving being outside and loading up his dump truck with rocks.

hello Spring

We have had so much lovely sunshine that it really does feel like spring has arrived. The plum trees are blooming, the days are getting longer, and thanks to an invitation to a Fitbit challenge from my friend Lori, I am logging a lot of steps. My new running shoes should be here any day and best of all, I am finally beginning to feel well.

I am stalled with my knitting so no unraveling but I have been reading. I finished Educated, what a fascinating story. I am enjoying How to Stop Time so much! Today I started listening to The Four Tendencies. I am not sure yet which tendency I am but it is an interesting theory.

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I love his curiosity. He dropped down in from of this little fenced area and looked at the sleeping herb garden for a long time. Such a great reminder to pay attention. Winter is fading away and I am excited for spring in a new way. I am imaging more herbs, the lavender bushes coming back, cucumbers, maybe even some blueberry bushes. What are you excited about?