#turnthelensonself -5

I don’t currently have a lot of rituals. I tend to take life on day at a time. But I could use some rituals in my life. Some spaces of pause and intentionality.

This the last year, I have begun to drink more tea and I am trying to build an evening ritual around a relaxing cuppa. I had forgotten about this little teapot. When my daughter gave me a tea subscription for Christmas, I dug deep into the cupboard and pulled it out. There is a mesh insert which makes it perfect for a single serving of loose leaf tea. Last week I remembered that I had some sweet little teacups so they too have been unearthed. Do you see how this ritual is developing? My current tea is a lavender chamomile, a very gentle evening tea.

I have another small teapot that I think I will take to work. A tea time ritual at my desk would be a lovely addition to my work day.

Thanks again to Michelle for a great challenge.