Three weeks in

This #100daysoffiberandink project is really helping me to focus on TODAY. I have been enjoying some daily making time and an almost daily habit of getting ink on paper.

I ordered a bunch of photos (something I have had on my To Do list for too long). These photos are prompts for some of the memory stories I have been wanting to record.

And I am finally using this spring green yarn to knit a sweater. It is going quickly because size 11 needles and garter stitch.

So, 21 days checked off.

P.S. Check out this link from Amazon. The categories made me think of Mary’s Summer Book Bingo which will be here soon.

* I love my TODAY wood cut out, a gift the kind and generous Honore.

#100daysproject – 3 things

Today is the tenth day of the #100daysproject. It’s early here but I have already put pen to paper so it seems like a good time for an update and three things I have learned so far.

1. My original project name felt awkward so I have changed it to #100daysoffiberandink.

2. The fiber part has been easy- mostly because I keep my yarn next to my chair and can pick it up in the evenings when we are watching TV. But I also spent time sewing and sorting my fiber projects during spring break. Lots of fiber in my hands these first 10 days.

3. I am a morning person and on the days when I don’t pick up my pen early, it is harder to make that happen. Last week I ordered a bunch of photos to use as story starters. I am putting sticky notes on the back of each picture and will keep them in my knitting basket. That way I can write notes in between rows. It seems to have helped to stamp my journal pages with my TODAY stamp.

Off to link up with Carole and friends this morning. I’ll be back in 10 days.

100 days of . . .



noun. 1 a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

When I wrote about #the100dayproject, Kathy commented;

“ONLY ONLY If it will bring you 100 days of JOY”

I have been thinking about that comment a lot this last week and I have settled on #100daysmakingandmarking. I have pulled some of my WIPs, sorted through some fabric and yarn, and set aside a new notebook for marking the days with paper and pen.The one thing that has been nagging at me is the time commitment. Then I listened to this podcast. Elise asks a great question – if not now, when? When will I give myself permission to pick up my needles, my fabric, or my pen every single day? And what do I let get in my way?I know that if I add the commitment of posting about my 100 days it will be too much. So I am taking a hiatus from this space to create space. I only write this post because it makes me a bit crazy when someone just stops blogging cold. I plan to keep visiting your blogs – I treasure the people I have met through this space.