100 days of . . .



noun. 1 a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

When I wrote about #the100dayproject, Kathy commented;

“ONLY ONLY If it will bring you 100 days of JOY”

I have been thinking about that comment a lot this last week and I have settled on #100daysmakingandmarking. I have pulled some of my WIPs, sorted through some fabric and yarn, and set aside a new notebook for marking the days with paper and pen.The one thing that has been nagging at me is the time commitment. Then I listened to this podcast. Elise asks a great question – if not now, when? When will I give myself permission to pick up my needles, my fabric, or my pen every single day? And what do I let get in my way?I know that if I add the commitment of posting about my 100 days it will be too much. So I am taking a hiatus from this space to create space. I only write this post because it makes me a bit crazy when someone just stops blogging cold. I plan to keep visiting your blogs – I treasure the people I have met through this space.