Whimsy and play

The last few days, I have spent a lot of hours in the garden. We had gone to the garden store to get stakes and netting for the vegetable bed and I picked up a roll of coated wire. I have had so much fun with that roll! It works great for attaching the netting to the stakes but it also works to create new garden art. I used it in my new prayer garden to attach a cracked coffee cup to a large metal ring and a small basket (to hold prayer rocks) to another stake. And with the help of a drill, I was able to add three teacups to a reclaimed (from a broken chair) piece of wood. I love how the water spills over leaving just enough for the birds. Today I am going to “plant”another row of wine bottles – the drop on the bottom of the bottle also catches water for the birds. I am not sure why I don’t play like this more often. Best stress buster ever!