Goodbye August

As August fades and September looms it seems a good time for a Currently list.

Reading Handywoman and Inspired

Knitting – I have finished the yoke of my Vintersol and while I wait for the next class to take out the provisional cast on I am ready to get back to the last section of my Impressionist shawl

Moving – getting in my 10,000 steps each day and doing Pilates at last 5 times a week

Sewing – planning a new bag and a corduroy Unifom tunic

Eating – so many veggies

Cooking – autumn soups like carrot-ginger and pumpkin chili

Listening to Sister Mother Husband Dog: Etc. – so good!

Happy Friday.

Sometimes Monday

Looks like a completed Summer Book Bingo card! I finished my final book this morning and it might be my favorite from my summer reading. Quilting Lessons was recommended by Honore and I quickly downloaded the ebook. But I forgot about it. Last week, I realized that the book I had planned to read for “subtitle on the cover” was going to take more time to read. I opened my Kindle and found Quilting Lessons: notes from the scrap bag of a writer and quilter. As I began reading, I realized that this book was meant to be read right now, during this time of setting aside my fabric and sewing and getting back into the routine of the school year. So many highlighted notes, words that are swirling in my head and my heart. What a wonderful way to end my summer reading. Thanks Mary for another great Book Bingo Summer.

It’s crucial not to lose sight of one important feature of juggling multiple tasks simultaneously: ensuring a small oasis of pleasure here and there in the day. While the computer prints out a chapter draft or while the wash cycle is on spin, don’t forget to take time out to pick sweet peas in the garden. Don’t forget to call the friend who has been so sad lately. There might even be enough time to sew the borders on that quilt that is spread out on the workroom room floor.

Quilting Lessons

Unraveled Wednesday

Instead of unraveling, I was able to get my backpack straps restitched! I think it will hold this time. I like the size and shape of this bag and I think the lesson is to stop carrying so much stuff. I need to re-evaluate this idea. I am back and forth between two campuses and I often drag things back and forth without ever taking them out of my bag. So maybe I can be more realistic about what needs to travel with me.

There was some unraveling at my first sweater class but I am happy to say it wasn’t mine. I was one of the few who had not started so I got to take advantage of the wisdom of the teacher. I learned how to use a crochet hook for a provisional cast on and managed to join my knitting (280 stitches) without twisting! After a few short rows I am now into the color work and so far, so good.

This week is filled with training and classroom set-up. Thank goodness for an audio book to keep me company. Be sure to visit Kat and read more unraveled stories.

Unraveled Wednesday

Sadly, there was some unraveling this week. I finished the binding on my new backpack and looked forward to taking it in my Sunday travels. About two hours into my day, I noticed that one strap had worked loose from the seam. Very heavy sigh. I’ll need to unstitch the binding and restitch the seam, making sure to really catch the strap this time. And while I am there, I think I will reinforce the other strap, just in case. Fortunately I was at my dad’s and was able to safety pin the strap so it would last for the rest of the day.

It is fire season so on top of the heat, we have smoke filled skies. And as much as I would like to head out for a walk, I decided to start tracing the patterns from my new book. If the heat doesn’t subside, I may bring my sewing machine downstairs.

I am one book away from a full bingo card which is so exciting! And I had such a lovely time with Lori and Michelle last weekend. I bought a piece of fabric that will make a great background for a little house quilt that is percolating.

Off to visit Kat and see if anyone else has had some unraveling this week.