On being busy

Someone, maybe Anne Lamott or Brene Brown, has written about busy-ness becoming a badge of honor. And I am noticing how often the response to “How are you?” is “So busy,”

I have been wondering if this being so busy thing might actually be cultivating rudeness. Yesterday a young store clerk was giving me the “if you get our store credit card” speech, (which I am sure they are required to give). I looked at her and smiled while she gave all the glorious details and then said, no thank you. She said “Thanks for letting me finish. Most people stop me and won’t look at me when I am ringing their purchase.”

Being too busy makes me distracted. What am I missing? Because some of those things I pass without looking might have been the brightest of moments in my too bust day. A wise co-worker told me that I need to get away from my desk and eat lunch with people. And she was right. Those lunch conversations are the place where we build relationships.

Most of us pack our days to the hilt. I know when I am feeling that crunch, I am mostly responsible for feeling stretched. I try to see where I could have said no or even more realistically, where I am making a task more important than it needs to be. Funny how the world keeps moving even when my TO DO list isn’t completed.

Next week, Courtney Carver is hosting a Busy Boycott. My first thought was, I don’t need one more thing on my list. But I am currently reading Courtney’s book and I think she might have something I need to hear. Let me know if you are joining in.