Unraveled Wednesday

in February I wrote about this idea of unraveling as a chance to create space for new ideas. As I begin to look back at this year, I can see those spaces opening up. I haven’t physically unraveled too many knitting projects, but there has been some unraveling in my thinking and my daily practices. My practice of starting most days with quiet time and reading has brought nourishment in ways I never imagined. The G.K. Chesterton quote above will definitely be written in my 2019 planner.

Have you watched the Father Brown series? I will admit that I had no idea that G.K. Chesterton had authored the books that inspired this show. Quotes from Chesterton seem to pop up frequently in my devotional reading so this morning, I have traveled down the rabbit hole to read more about this author. And I have put a few of his books on my For Later shelf on my library website. I think one of Chesterton’s books will be in my 2019 reading stack.

On my needles, I am working the picot bind off on my Rewilding shawl. I am at the crown of a hat and hope to pick up the neckline on the Peanut vest this weekend. I had coffee with Judy this weekend and our chat about WIPs has me determined to get a few more things finished before we say goodbye to 2018.

Our Thanksgiving plans are pretty simple and the long weekend should open up some time for books and yarn. Off to visit Kat and join fellow unravelers today.