Goodbye 2018

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” — Zora Neale Hurston

This was definitely a year that asked questions. And while I say goodbye to 2018 without answers to all of those questions, I do think I have some ideas on how to move forward.

#1 what kind of planner system works for me?

I have been playing with notebooks and planner ideas for the last few days and one thing I know – I am not a planner person. I like to keep my dates on my phone calendar (love, love, love the reminder feature) and the big wall calendar in the kitchen. But I do love a notebook or two for jotting down ideas and writing ideas and reflections. Later this week I am going to figure out how to release some notebook covers into the world.

#2 what routines and habits do I need to hold on to or release?

Meal planning is a must and I have been doing some work toward that this last week too. I can connect the feeling of kitchen chaos directly to the moment I stopped meal planning.

A walking routine is another one I want to reclaim. I recently had some very bad knee pain that resulted in a diagnosis of arthritis. I have rested and iced and stretched and now it is time to get moving and build back some strength. This also means I need to release the competitive use of my Fitbit so no more checking to see who has the most steps!

#3 what brings joy into my life?

I easily fall into the “what needs to be done?” mode and miss the simple, ordinary moments. Looking back at my posts this year I see those moments when joy takes center stage. Time with family, our ever growing tiny person, reading and note taking, walks on the trail, knitting and sewing (so happy to feel the pull of sewing return), good food, travel. I want to pay more attention to the abundance in 2019.

So, goodbye 2018 – you were an interesting year. I think I have learned a few things.

Happy New Year! Hopefully my link for our one word adventure will be working tomorrow. I am excited to hear our words.

Fiber Friday

Last week Lori asked me about a quilt pattern that sent me to hunt through my stash. I knew I had made blocks from the Spenser Museum Quilt pattern and that I had set aside the fabric to set those blocks. I think this was during my medallion quilt phase. So I have decided to leave these blocks on my design wall in hopes of inspiration. This would make a great 2019 project.

I had planned to make a few fabric items for Christmas but it did not happen. Those projects have also been moved to a visible location. In fact, today seems like a good day to wind some bobbins and do some sewing.

Happy last Friday of the year. Don’t forget to come back on January 1st to share your 2019 one word thoughts.

My year in books

I suspect I will have one more finished book before we say goodbye to 2018 but this is pretty close.

I thought a goal of 48 books was slightly aggressive but thanks to Mary’s Summer Book Bingo, I was able to crush that goal.

If I had to pick two favorites they would be:

Unconventional Medicine gave me the push I needed to explore some new options for reclaiming my health. I mention this book to anyone who will listen.

This Is How It Always Is showed up as a Kindle deal but I would pay full price for this book. A beautifully written story about a topic that deserves more attention.

I have been shelving books for my 2019 list for a few weeks and I think it will be another good year for reading.

One last Unraveled Wednesday

Just a tiny bit of unraveling this week – got ahead of myself on the decrease rows on my Stopover. But that was quickly fixed and by the end of Christmas Day, I had finished the body of this sweater. Today I will be figuring out how to knit the underarms since this is my first bottom up sweater.

Next up? I need to tackle the second sleeve on my Vintersol. I may even be able to get that sweater finished before the start of 2019. And since I am laying low for a few days, nursing a sore knee, should be plenty of time for knitting.

Happy Wednesday. Be sure to visit Kat today too.