Tiny moment Tuesday

In 2018, I took a journey with one word – TODAY.

We had a pretty good adventure and I think I learned a lot about staying in the moment instead of rushing ahead to the next thing.

Next Tuesday we will begin our journeys with new words (or perhaps old words).

I hope you will come back and check in.

Sometimes Monday looks like some finished projects

In February I climbed on the 9 projects wagon. Yesterday I noticed that I had challenged myself to finish 9 knitting projects on Ravelry in 2018 and I have completed 9! The mitts didn’t get made but I did make a few more hats. And Sigla was unraveled but I am on the final color work section of my Stopover so maybe that number I’ll be 10.

The Girl’s Best Friend shawl is still on my list – just bumping it into 2019. And on top of the Scout Tee and Dress #2, I also made three Uniform tunics. I didn’t do much quilting but no regrets. Maybe 2019 will include a finished quilt.

How did you do this year?

Hello Friday


It is time for Christmas break. I have had a great week, listening to all of our little students singing Christmas songs, families squeezed into pint sized chairs with phones capturing the performances.

At home, our tiny person has had fun with a small nativity, adding a few of his other toys to the scene and hiding baby Jesus. I have been teaching him some of the songs our preschoolers have been singing but it’s hard to compete with his current favorite – Yellow Submarine.

I am looking forward to some time to putter and play, do some reading, knitting, sewing. We do not have any plans other than Christmas Eve at church so plenty of time for unwinding.

Happy Friday!

3 things

Carole and I have been chatting about the one little word idea. We both want to have a word and make it more visible in our lives but we are ready for something new. So, here are three things I want you to know:

1. Choosing a word. Some years a words jumps out at me, other years I need to search a bit. I thought I had my word until about a week ago and now I am letting a few ideas rumble around before I commit. If you are new to this idea, do a search for One Little Word. I have taken Ali Edward’s online class a number of times but I am less inclined to do the making piece, wanting to focus on writing and reflections this year.

2. On January 1, you are invited to write about your word. I will figure out how to host a link-up so come back here to join in. After this initial post, we will make the last Tuesday of each month our one little word day. You are invited to share how your word is showing up in your life – good, not so much, kinda-sorta. I will have a monthly link for the last Tuesday posts too.

3. Your word, your way. I won’t be providing prompts but I’m sure you will find lots of those when you search One Little Word. I am also sure you will get ideas and inspiration from what others are doing. The idea is to nurture the community and friendships that come from sharing our individual practices.

I am grateful to Carole for pursuing this idea with me. Be sure to visit her today and every Thursday for the Three Things posts.

What a fun year it has been connecting with so many of you.