Unraveled Wednesday

I set my yarn aside and did some sewing this weekend. I am really enjoying these string blocks. I don’t have a plan for how many I will make. I cut a stack of strips and will just keep making blocks until it isn’t fun. I am loving the calm feeling of these fabrics.

Now, the unraveled part of this post. After I finished my Vintersol, I gave it a good soak and it expanded like crazy! It is much to big now. Help! It fit me beautifully before getting a bath. Should I try warm water.

What’s your word – January

This is the first January that I have not tried to do all sorts of prompts or decorate pages about my word. It seems fitting. In order to invite REST into my life, I needed to step back from the making and sink into this word. And it has been amazing! At least once a week I have found an email or text that references rest.

This one arrived last week, just days after two of my friends entered a season of grief and loss, when the winter crud was zapping our staff, and on a day when my knee was aching from trying to do too much.

So I rested. I sat on the couch with my knitting and my leg elevated. I wrote notes of sympathy and encouragement. I slowed down. It was good.

I have some plans for exploring this word in new ways next month but I am also looking forward to seeing how it shows up.

Now it’s your turn. How have you and your word been getting along?

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Finishing up Letters of Encouragement,

Excited to wear my new sweater,

Browsing so many books (I download a sample from the Kindle version to see if a book should be added to my stack) but looking forward to this one, and this one, and this one,

Planning for some dietary changes using this book,

Exploring things to do in San Antonio for an upcoming trip,

Grateful for a Saturday with a blank calendar page,

And of course, looking forward to wine and cheese night.

Happy Friday!

Unraveled Wednesday

Just finished the cuff of one sleeve this morning and hope to get that second cuff done tonight. Then this lovely sweater is going to need a good soaking and some blocking. I knit both sleeves to the border section and before deciding on the color work for the cuff. I did not add the color work at the hem but thought the extra color before the ribbing worked for the sleeves. After struggling with the twisting and turning and flopping about of the body when knitting the sleeves, I think I will take a different path for my Sólbein. I am just past the yoke on that sweater and I want to knit the sleeves before continuing on the body. I am thinking it will be easier to knit the sleeves with out the extra bulk. I can also see the advantage of knitting the sleeves on their own, the bottom up style. So much fun to be learning and figuring these things out.

Thanks for all your encouragement last week. I decided to unravel to just before the color work and reknit the bottom of that sweater. I feel like I know so much more about color work and keeping the tension right. I know I will be much happier with the finished sweater.

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