Thinking about rhythms and routines that I can carry into 2019 that will help me establish places where I will find rest. A big one is meal planning. Yesterday one of our daughters came over and we spread out our current favorite cookbooks and made lists for meals and snacks. Today I need to get my shopping list ready for a trip to the grocery store.

Grateful for this Christmas break. While it wasn’t as active as past years, I have slowed down enough to feel rested and almost ready to return to work.

Interested in so many new books! Our library has a “For Later” shelf option and mine now holds close to 100 titles. I used to put things on hold directly and then not have time when all the books arrived at the same time. This lets me hold on to those book titles without that frustration.

Fun for this weekend will include some time with my knitting while watching a movie and some of the second season of The Crown. And there may be time to play with paper and stickers and list making in my notebooks.

Happy Friday!