Hello March

I just love turning the calendar page and seeing the first day of a new month arrive. February was a tough one but the last few days I have been noticing more light as I pull out of the driveway in the morning and that helps so much. And while it has still been very cold, sunshine and blue skies flip that little brain switch from grumbling to joy.

This month I am going to begin my unplugging. I found it coincidental that March 1-2 is National Unplugging Day. This afternoon, I plan to turn off my wireless and leave it off until Sunday.

Before I went to bed last night, I deleted a bunch of apps from my phone and iPad. I am choosing to continue blog writing and reading because that is something I usually do just once a day. I am going to replace the social media scrolling time with reading time and daily meditation.

This month I also want to do more skywatching. March is a transition month. The days are getting longer and I want to pay attention and be grateful for those extra minutes.

So, here is to 31 days of tuning in to life in new ways. And best of all – it’s Friday!