Unraveled Wednesday

There has been no unraveling here because there has been no knitting here. I am feeling stuck. I have three projects that are so lovely but when I finally sit down each evening, I don’t pick them up. Hopefully that will end soon?

Turning off social media has been good for my reading life. I am listening to this book and reading this book. And I am looking forward to driving into this book, just released yesterday.

Yesterday I listened to The Next Right Thing podcast. In episode 73, Emily talks about batch work and theme work. I’ve been thinking along these lines for a few weeks. I used to have certain tasks on specific days but lately I seem to be all over the place (at work and at home). So last night, instead of knitting, I started making a list. Maybe getting back into a rhythm and routine will bring my knitting mojo back.

Happy Wednesday! Stop by and see what Kat is unraveling this week.