How did your word show up this month?

I am learning so much about rest. Sometimes it looks like taking a nap and sometimes it looks like putting old habits away and trying on some new habits.

How is your word showing up?

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Hello Friday

I do love Fridays but this one I really love because it is the day before Independent Book Store Day. And if that wasn’t enough, it is also Local Yarn Shop Day. And since yesterday was my birthday, my gift is spending Saturday visiting bookstores and getting coffee and maybe even stopping at a yarn store. My companions for the day? The most wonderful daughters ever! So hello Friday. You are the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

I had a lovely birthday filled with flowers and cards and sunshine. Happy weekend.

Rest, resting, rested

I am practicing rest. Not just napping or getting extra sleep but resting my mind and my spirit. Sometimes rest looks like more time with my nose in a book. I started this book about a month ago but this weekend I picked it up with renewed interest.

Last week I attended a screening of this movie and I cannot stop thinking about the pull of technology and the impact on our ability of to rest. I did a three week social media fast recently but I am seriously contemplating taking May to do a digital declutter. This is not just taking time off from technology. The declutter adds the extra steps of reflecting on the technology we us and of replacing online time with meaningful activities. For me, that would be reading, getting outside, and fiber play. Restful pursuits.

I should finish the book by the weekend and then I can put in the thinking/reflecting time. Stay tuned. I plan to be back next Tuesday with a monthly link up for our one word posts.

Three Random Things on Thursday

it has been a rough back to work week but I didn’t want to go too much longer without a blog post so how about some randomness:

I usually walk the same route but once in awhile I stop at a different place on my way home from work and I get to see views like the one above.

When I am getting ready to travel, a knitting project and something to read are the first things I sort out. This time around, I am just taking my iPad to read my kindle books and I’m leaving the knitting at home. Where oh where is my knitting mojo?

I just finished day 31 of using the Daily Calm app. There is a Winnie the Pooh series which is fun since our tiny person is quite in love with Winnie the Pooh these days.

Happy Thursday.