Hello Friday

Taking a short break while our Friday visitor watches Curious George with grampa.

So far we have read books, played with the trains, painted, did some cleaning up in the sink, and made pumpkin muffins. And we still have 5 hours to fill! What a wonderful way to say goodbye to spring break.

Unraveled Wednesday

Oh spring break. You are just what I needed. Plenty of time to putter and play. And thinking time – Time for unraveling some thoughts about my reading life. I have accumulated quite a few ebooks that are not getting read. Ebooks are great for a vacation when you want options without the extra weight in your bag. But vacation days are few and far between. If I have a title I really want to read, and the wait list is super long at the library, I am going to consider purchasing the papery version. We have lots of independent book stores in our area and I want to support them. With that in mind, I stopped in at the newest store on my way to get my haircut and picked up Mary Pipher’s new book.

Not much knitting going on here but I am almost finished quilting my small quilt. Today is cloudy with a chance of rain so it seems like a good day to stay inside with a cuppa matcha and a book in my lap.

First up is a visit to Kat’s blog. Enjoy your day.

I heard this quote on the Simple podcast yesterday. I was walking on the trail, admiring the beautiful spring sky, and listening to Tsh and her guest chat about slowing down, putting away the phone, and creating a life that felt less hurried.

I am pretty good at scheduling things so I don’t have to rush. I am rarely late to a meeting or event. I get things done by the due date (except an occasion late return on a library book.). But I still get that knot, that anxious tension of needing to hurry up, finish this so you can get to that, never enough. My mind too often rushes to the next thing I have on my list leaving me to miss the moments. The lovely, tiny moments that Michelle writes about.

I think that feeling comes from too much multitasking, forcing my brain to bounce back and forth. I listen to books while I drive, podcasts while I walk, TV while I knit. Yesterday I went into my sewing room, fully intending to listen to a podcast while I worked on a quilt project. But I never turned on the podcast. I just started pinning and sewing and pressing and soon enough, the little project was nearly done. I went into my sewing room feeling that I needed to hurry up and get this quilt finished because it needs to be mailed by the end of the month. When I came to a good stopping point I realized I didn’t feel rushed. I hadn’t been watching the clock. It was a very meditative process.

When I looked up the Dallas Willard quire, I found this article. There it is again. Rest. Sabbath. Loosen your grip. Ruthlessly eliminating hurry from my life might be another way my word is showing up this month.

Hello April

I have some high hopes for this new month. And because this week is my spring break, a list seems in order.

  • Putting pen to paper (aka bullet journaling).
  • Sewing, quilting, knitting.
  • Reading – so many books I want to read.
  • More yoga and longer walks.
  • Planting – kale, peas, beans, and some sort of squash.
  • Meal planning – this should be at the top of the list.
  • Practicing prayer and meditation.

The sun is out and I actually slept in so it looks like a good start.