Three for Friday

What a week. I had plans for a 3 for Thursday post but somehow Thursday slipped past! But today is the last day of May and I have three things to share.

For the last 6 weeks I have been eating Pegan. I thought it would be hard (I have missed bacon) but this is great salad weather so it has been easy to fill my plate with lots of veggies. To jazz it up a bit I signed up for a three meal box from Purple Carrot. Similar to the cleaning product box, I could easily pick up these ingredients at the store but sometimes it is fun to try something new.

A comment this week led me to The Lazy Genius. I found all sorts of good stuff to read about home keeping. I downloaded a few podcast episodes and look forward to listening frequently. I hear her Change Your Life Chicken is amazing too. I will be trying that when I start adding chicken to our meal rotation again.

And finally, Michelle is going to encourage us to find a little quiet this summer. Be sure to visit this post to learn more.

Happy Friday and hello June!

Unraveled Wednesday

Morning knitting. Doesn’t happen too often but it felt like the right way to start my day (one where I woke up too early and could not get back to sleep). I am just a wee bit into my Junegrass sweater. I got about 8 rows in and saw that my increases were not working so I unraveled and restarted. I have tried to use this yarn on another project but it needs to be something simple and feel like it is working now.

I finished this book over the weekend and it has given me much to ponder. I just looked at my library holds and there are some good titles coming my way later this week.

Off to see how Kat and friends are unraveling today. Happy Wednesday!

Rest, lovely rest

I had a lovely four day weekend with plenty of time to rest and play. And the time at work just flew today. Imagine my surprise when I walked to the mailbox and found a happy, squishy envelope. I laughed out loud when I found this beautiful wooden REST piece inside. I laughed because I realized that I completely forgot that today is the last Tuesday of May. I had completely forgotten to put up a one word link party!

I am here to tell you that rest is showing up for me. I am sleeping well, finding time to read and journal – very restful endeavors. There are two restful projects on my knitting needles. Yes, life here, with the school year winding down and summer peeking in at us, life is pretty good.

How about your word? Hopefully some of you will be able to link up with us.

Sometimes Monday

is a good day for cleaning up. The sun is out, the laundry is on the line, and the afternoon stretches ahead without obligations.

One of my goals is to get on top of the housework. I am not very good at household chores. I do what needs to be done and ignore the corners. But I have a little party coming up in June and I decided to start tackling some of those corners so I won’t need to clean the whole house on the day before the gathering.

In addition to developing better cleaning routines, I have been wanting to try more environmentally friendly (less toxic) cleaners. A few weeks ago I gave this company a try. Many of the products are available in my local stores but it was fun to browse and order knowing there were “free” gifts involved. I love the Bon Ami and the walnut sponge. The glass bottle with silicone sleeve is also very nice (I may order a few more so I can have one in each bathroom). I’m not crazy about the scent of the Method cleaner but it doesn’t leave any residue which is a good thing.

Do you have favorite cleaning supplies? Or tips on housework? I’m off to check out some tips and lists on this site. And then, I’m thinking a book and in iced coffee will be in order.

Friday fiber connections

My long weekend is even longer. No school today, thanks to a built in snow day that we didn’t need to use. So four days – perfect.

I have a few things scheduled like a haircut and a couple of visits with dad and a stop at a craft store. But there is also going to be lots of time for sewing and knitting and reading and running shoes.

What I really want to write about today is sewing.

I followed a link that Kat posted. It was a long post but I kept scrolling and found a gem near the bottom – How Sewing is Changing My Life: a monologue.

Yes! Sewing was my first fiber love. I learned to sew when I was six and my first project as a red corduroy jumper with pockets! I loved that jumper. I grew up with a mom and grandmothers who sewed and knit and during a time when we still had sewing machines in the Home Ec classrooms. I made a lot of my clothes through college but then ready to wear became more affordable. Pattern and fabric prices went up and there were fewer fabric stores. I did make my wedding dress and when I had babies, the sewing bug bit me again. For about 7 years I did a lot of paid sewing. I even designed some baby clothes and then a jumper pattern that I made for girls and moms (I even had labels tags for my business). But too many people wanted custom this and that and the sewing became a chore. About that same time, I discovered quilting and that became my sewing passion.

While I haven’t done as much quilting or clothing sewing in the last 10 years (when knitting re-entered my life), I never put my machine away and I still referred to my craft space as my sewing room. This last year I have had so much fun stitching up simple dresses. I have been making quilt blocks and fun bags. And I have come to realize that sewing brings me a joy that I haven’t found in any other fiber craft. Perhaps because it is quicker. Perhaps because it connects me to my mom. Whatever the reason, I am planning to spend some time in my sewing room over the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend!

Unraveled Wednesday

Saturday was one of those rare days with a completely empty box on the calendar. So I headed out early for my walk and then set off to do some sewing. The goal was to stitch up a Wiksten shift using up a piece of linen from my stash. The first hurdle came when I realized I was a bit short to have the front and the back on the fold but a seam up the back wasn’t a problem. I pinned and cut and stitched. I tried it on before adding top stitching and pockets and thought it was a bit full in the bag but didn’t worry too much. By early afternoon I was ready for a shower and errand wearing my new dress. As I stood in front of the mirror I realized that bagginess was going to bug me but I did not want to unstitch the whole thing. I also didn’t want to make a belt (which is what the pattern suggests). I played with the idea of back darts but finally decided to add a casing with some elastic. The casing in on the inside of the dress and it does pull the bulk in nicely. I’m not thrilled with the dress and plan to revisit the pattern using another piece of fabric from my stash. Stay tuned.

I’m still plugging away on the purple scarf and have started a new shawl and this sweater – using up more stash for both projects. I am almost finished with Born a Crime – a great audio book – and making plans for Mary’s Summer Book Bingo. I pushed myself to do a cover all last summer which burned me out so I will be gentler with myself this summer.

We have a 4 day weekend coming up with more empty calendar boxes! Life is good.

Off to join Kat and the Unravelers today.

Monday in the kitchen

Sunday evening dinner is problematic. By the time I get home from church and visiting dad, I don’t really want to cook. I used to put some meat in the crock pot on Sunday morning but I am trying to revamp my eating plan, loading up my plate with veggies and letting meat be a sometimes side dish. So I have been collecting recipes and ideas that can come together quickly. When I saw this recipe, I knew i wanted to try it out. I actually had everything in the pantry too. The salad came together easily (the dressing was not hard to make) and I made an extra serving to take for lunch tomorrow. I also added cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes. I imagine this salad will find a regular spot on my meal planning calendar.