Sometimes Monday

finds me longing for just one more day at home. I had the most lovely weekend. A long walk, knitting, and sewing time on Saturday. A visit with my dad, a hike with my daughters, and more time to play in my sewing room on Sunday. Time for dreaming of making another dress, fixing my backpack, and stitching up another bag. But, those dreams will need to wait. Fortunately, the calendar boxes for next weekend are blank so I might just pencil in another sewing day.

Something that is drawing back to fabric and thread are the posts on this lovely blog. This post really spoke to me. And then there is Mary, I her awesome #memademay posts on Instagram. When I was playing in my sewing room, I found this bough supplies to produce a number or fun projects. Using up the stuff on hand has been a goal of min for a few years.

So, back to work with an amazing lunch and a head full of ideas. Hope I can concentrate on the work that needs doing. Happy Monday!