Sometimes Monday

helps me remember what is important.

It is easy to forget how much I love our home. Too often I think it is too big (now that it is just the two of us). Or I think it needs too much attention (cleaning, dusting and all the things I do t like to do). But when it is filled with wonderful people, people who have been such an important part of my life, I find my heart bursting with love and joy.

Yesterday I hosted a party to mark the leaving of one of my favorite co-workers. I tried to find someone else to host. But I am so happy that we ended up here. My amazing husband vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and cleaned the bathroom. I guess he knew it was important.

I used my quilts and mom’s beautiful china. I let Whole Foods provide the yummy snack. And friends, it was a great afternoon. Our home was filled with love and celebration. Did I say that it was good? Because it was so very good.