3 bookish things

I have been in a bit of a reading slump. I finished an audio book but haven’t been able to settle into a print or ebook lately. I did a big book purge and hauled away three boxes of books yesterday so I have lots of open space on my shelves. As part of my #usewhatyouhave goal I would like to re-shelf my books without adding too many more over the next 6 months. (American Marriage made the KEEP pile and I hope it is the book to break my slump.)

But, if you are looking for book suggestions, here are three of my favorite sources.

Have I shared Tale Away? I’m not sure how I found it but if you are looking for books set in specific countries, this is the place to go.

Whitney is another reader to follow. She has a monthly reading challenge that focuses on reading the books you own. I enjoyed her recent trip to New York City via Instagram. Now I have a bunch of new places I want to visit in that city.

Finally, my own public library is the best. There are now 50 branches and a very active Mobile Library bringing reading to our corner of the world. In the summer I love going to pick up my holds because I always run into families from school and it makes my heart sing to know library visits are part of their summer routines.

Visiting Carole today for my 3 things lists.