August – chasing rest

August has flown by and it is only the last week that I have been paying attention to restful moments. I found myself drawn to my sewing space where I can lose myself in the work of stitching one seam and then another until I have finished something lovely and fun. Last weekend I stitched the binding on my low volume string quilt and I am finding rest in the hand stitching.

I have also returned to the Calm app to bring meditation into my early mornings. And those sleep stories really do help me get back to sleep when I wake up at a ridiculous hour.

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3 books

My summer reading had been wonky but I currently have three books going that have been on my list for long enough.

Women Rowing North is a book that has me nodding my head in agreement. I want to walk into these aging years with my eyes wide open, ready for adventure and not surprised by the potential roadblocks.

Soul Keeping by John Ortberg. This was one of those Kindle deals and I finally opened it last week and found this quote in the first chapter:

We need to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives.”

Yes please! Sign me up for that. His thoughts and observations on caring for our souls are just what I have been longing to hear.

The Warmth of Other Suns is my current audio book. I started this one some time ago but after Nickel Boys and Underground Railroad I decided it was time to finish this up. The narrator is wonderful.

I never got out my book bingo card. This wasn’t the summer for that. But there have been books on my table, on my Kindle, and in my ears all summer long.


Another weekend, another hike. This is how I had hoped my summer would go but I am definitely interesting in making hiking a more regular part of my weekends.

On Sunday we headed for the mountains. It was a bit misty and overcast but not really cold. We arrived early enough to snag a parking place close to the trailhead. As we hiked up the hills I kept thinking at least the return trip would be downhill. I didn’t pay attention to all the rocks and roots which made the downhill a bit tricky. I am happy say there were no mishaps!

There was a very narrow bridge over the stream, two lovely, quiet lakes, and some very beautiful scenery. I am sure there are hikes closer to home that will help me keep up my weekend hiking adventures. Something to investigate.

I’ve been looking for some new lunch ideas and found this one and this one. Off to check the pantry and make a shopping list.

Unraveled Wednesday

I don’t really like scraps. I’m not talking about usable pieces of fabric. I’m talking about those little bits and pieces, triangles and strips that are the result of trimming up blocks. But I know that people make amazing quilts out of these bits and pieces so when I end up with a pile like this, I get a bit unraveled. Do I go with my gut and toss them out? Or do I find an empty bin and start collecting? This time I went with my gut and it felt right.

I have the same problem with yarn. I have one bin of small balls and I search for patterns that use up those bits and pieces. But when I try knitting them up, they never look the same. But it’s harder for me to toss yarn. So for now, that bin stays on the shelf.

I know that decluttering and simplifying are good for my soul. And with my work schedule ramping back up, having empty bins and space on my bookshelves provides a lovely sense of peace and calm. Do you ever feel like this?

I have moved on to the sleeves of my Junegrass and on to a new book (Lab Girl) and a new audio listen (Underground Railroad). And now I am off to see what Kat and friends are up to this Unraveled Wednesday.