A finished object

I finished this lovely top earlier this month thanks to the motivation and inspiration from Lori’s string along. Had so much fun making these blocks, using up a bunch of fabrics, and getting it under the feed dogs. This last day of September has been sunny but pretty cold. I plan to spend a fair amount of time wrapped up in this quilt this evening.

I do have another quilt idea brewing but that story is for another day.

3 things

Today I am sharing three pieces of my wellness journey:

I was browsing my library website for some new recipes ideas when I found this book. It was available at my local library so I added it to my stack. I enjoyed Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project and this is a similar flow – substituting health practices. I am enjoying it very much.

I managed 7 out of 10 days of Pilates with this challenge. Just enough to nudge me back to my own mat with a bit of yoga and meditation added to my daily routine. I want very much to keep up this habit as we go into the fall season. I will still hit the trail with my new shoes as often as possible but the mat is an important part of my wellness plan.

I had heard that Ali Edwards was going to have a new Wellness class and thought it perfect timing to see this in my feed. I have listened to the class intro and this podcast and I am in!

*quote image from Robyn Long’s Sisterhood program which I have recently rejoined.

Unraveled Wednesday

I am happy to say that there has been no unraveling in my knitting life! I am making good progress on the color work for my Engi sweater. This is my second sweater by this designer. You begin with a provisional cast on just below the color work section, knit up to the neckline, then go back and finish the body and sleeves. I am using some stash yarn for the main color and picked up the three contrast colors at Tolt recently.

When I come home today I am hoping to find an order of yarn for another sweater. This one will be a gift which I am so excited about. Gudrun Johnston is the designer and she is hosting a KAL in her Ravelry group.

On the reading front I am close to finishing Soul Keeping. I am trying to go slowly and let all of the good words sink into my heart and soul. I also received the first book for the Renovaré book club. And speaking of book clubs, Carole, Kym, and Bonny are hosting a reading group and their first book choice is excellent.

And now I am off to join Kat and get my day started.

Friday fun

I saw this on Instagram the other day and thought it would make a fun post. (Leaving it blank in case you want to grab the image – please be sure to credit to @sabrinajolan)

I would choose:

  • Fairy lights
  • Coffee
  • Thanksgiving
  • Heavy fog
  • Knitted sweaters
  • Sit at a bonfire
  • Roasted nuts
  • Pumpkin spice

in fact, I might grab a pumpkin spice coffee on the way to work – it is a foggy morning! Happy Friday.

3 things

Here are three things that are making me happy right now:

New recipes and time to make a real grocery list

Fun yarn (thanks to Kym’s giveaway)

Time, time, time -for meal planning and grocery shopping and reading and sewing and knitting and whatever might come up. How did I not realize how much I needed to cut back to a four day work week? I know it is a privilege to cut back and I am trying to be mindful and grateful.

Off to visit Carole before heading to the grocery store.

Tiny moment Tuesday

I was taking our little person to visit his great grampa this weekend. We were playing a game of I spy with my little eye and I said I spy clouds. There was a moment of quiet and then, “Gramma! It’s a tower crane and it has two flags! Two flags Gramma!” I didn’t actually see the crane that day but I was stopped at a light yesterday and when I looked up, there it was! That crane with two flags!

I’m not sure how I got to be this old without knowing about the excitement of cranes with flags. This little boy helps me remember to look up so I don’t miss those #tinytinymoments