One Word October

This month, rest has been about setting aside some things and making space in my days to unwind and ignore the buzz of keeping busy. As we head into the last few months of this year, I am thinking about how to keep that space open for a rest that renews.

How has your word been showing up? Are you starting to think about a new word for 2020? If you wrote about your word, add your link here. Or share your thoughts in the comments.

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3 shades of orange

My knitting is very reflective of the colors outside but also a color that is at the top of my list of favorites. Here are three orange knitting projects currently on my needles.

A color work yoke sweater for me. This orange yarn has been in my stash for awhile and I was excited to find a way to use it. I am halfway through the yoke. This is a more focused project while I am on the color work chart.

Dominy for my daughter. This started out with a fair amount of unraveling but I am past that now and just loving this design.

Finally, a Flax Light for an almost 3 year old who claims orange as his favorite color. I have a bit of grey and two shades of orange and will knit this one up in stripes. This is my social knitting. Just love the Tin Can Knits patterns.

I have never had 3 sweaters going at the same time but they are each bringing so much peace and joy to my needles.

Joining up with Carole today.


I share office space. I have always shared office space. For years I had a space large enough for two and sometimes three desks. Now I am in a smaller office but I am not on campus every day so I have offered the space to others who moves between campuses. In addition to being smaller, this new space is more like a cubicle – a door and partial walls but no lid. So it is a bit noisier, less private. Last week, on a day when I really wanted a ceiling and a space to hide away, I found this sticky note, tucked under my cup coaster, and it helped me reframe my day.

Michelle, the inspiration for #tinytinymoments, is hosting Gratitude Week in early November. Might be another opportunity for reframing.

Three Cuppa Thursday

I love coffee cups. When I started teaching, we used to get coffee cups from students all the time but that tradition seems to have faded. So now I buy my own. They have to be very lovely to earn a spot on my cup rack. There is one cup I have seen on Helen Stewart’s Instagram that makes my heart swoon but I have not yet found that up. For now, these are my current favorite cups.

The blue striped cup is about 8 oz. and perfect for an afternoon cuppa, usually a mushroom coffee with a bit of oat milk.

I first visited Think Coffee when I was in New York City, helping my sister find an apartment when she was relocating. I love the idea of a coffee shop with a mission. At Christmas that year I purchased cups and coffee for my coffee loving daughters. This is a lager cup, perfect for that first morning cuppa but it is a bit worn after three years of daily use.

The cup on the right is another smaller cup and the perfect vessel for a creamy, almond milk matcha.

Off to see what Carole and friends are sharing today.