30 days of thankful #27

I began this journey of forming online friendships many years ago. It all started with Prodigy – anyone remember that platform? Those were the days when we would turn on the computer and hit the dial up connection. Then there was time to make some coffee and have breakfast before the connection would be ready. I connected with a wonderful group of quilters who met up at National Quilting Association shows in Tacoma, Wa, Riverside, CA, West Virginia, Columbus, Ohio and Davenport, Iowa. My husband and daughters willingly allowed me to plan summer vacations around these shows and meet ups.

More recently, I have connected through FaceTime and Zoom and over lunch with some readers of this blog. Each time I connect, I am thankful for the women who take a chance, leave a comment, and send a follow up email. Offering and responding to the offer of friendship is a risk and I thank each of you who have joined me in taking that risk.